SimplyCast Anti-Spam Policy


SimplyCast’s Anti Spam Policy is a part of our Terms and Conditions of use. Violation of these rules may be grounds for the immediate termination of your SimplyCast account, and may result in the forfeiture of any pre-paid fees. has a zero tolerance spam policy. Users accounts will be terminated for sending unsolicited email messages. Please report any suspected abuse to Please include a complete copy of the message received, including message headers. We will take any action required against the SimplyCast user.

Users of SimplyCast may not:

  • Use Purchased lists
  • Use email addresses harvested from web sites
  • Send third-party offers to your list, Without clearly identifying yourself as the sender. In the message body.
  • Use a list that has been shared or sold to a third party.
  • Add email address to the list without permission
  • Send email to a user who has requested removal at any time.
  • Use email data more than 2 years old, without having re-confirmed their subscription within that period.
  • Send to a list of users from an association you are a member of (Realtor Association lists, Chamber of Commerce lists, etc.).
  • Attempt to hide or render in-operable the SimplyCast unsubscribe link.
  • Attempt to hide or use a false Physical Mailing address in violation of CAN-SPAM.
  • Use a deceptive, misleading, or unrelated subject line.
  • Send any type of Unsolicited email (SPAM).
  • Send Unrelated offers or content to your list.

Banned Content

The service may not be used to distribute any content that is:

  • Pornographic
  • Hateful
  • Libellous
  • Illegal

In addition, the service may not be used to distribute the following types of content, due to their likelihood to create delivery problems for our customers through higer than normal bounce rates, and complaints.

  • Drug or medication advertisements, whether legal or illegal.
  • Multi-Level Marketing or (MLM) content.
  • List or Lead selling, rental or generation.
  • Search engine Optimization (SEO) content.
  • Escort or Dating services
  • Work From Home opportunities
  • Online Casino or gambling content.
  • Any type of Betting or handicapping service.
  • Any type of content for which you do not have the recipients express consent.


Complaints are received from a variety of sources, including messages reported as spam through feedback loops at ISP’s, Complaints sent using the report-it link in your email campaigns, and messages sent to

If you receive a number of complaints from Feedback Loops, ReportIt or Abuse reporting systems equal to or greater than our allowable limit, have an excessive number of bounces on a campaign, or appear to have violated the terms of this policy or our terms of use, Sending from your account will be disabled, and you will be required to provide proof of opt in for your lists before you will be allowed to continue sending. You may also be required to take additional action as requested by our compliance team before you will be allowed to resume sending. If you are unable to show that users have opted in to our satisfaction, your account will be closed and any pre-paid fees or time will be forfeit.

Violation of any items above may be grounds for the termination of your account.

Allowed Emails can be used to send email to any users which have registered to receive, or reconfirmed their registration, with you at your website, or your physical location(s), within the past 2 Years.

Any email sent to users must come from the internet domain which they registered at, or in the case of physical signups, the internet domain represented at that location. All emails sent via the SimplyCast service should adhere to our Best Practices.