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SimplyCast in the News

Dalhousie student turns transit troubles into technological triumph for Halifax

Metro, April 2, 2014
So when the second-year commerce student got an opportunity for a co-op placement with Dartmouth-based SimplyCast, she didn’t waste it.
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SimplyCast Gold Sponsor For PrimeTime Sports Conference In Toronto

Digital Nova Scotia, November 5, 2013
Sports organizations worldwide can use SimplyCast 360 to automate online, offline, social and mobile marketing campaigns to engage, nurture and build a greater loyalty among fans and bring more awareness to their global brand.
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Canadian Firm Casts Long Net Oversees With Marketing Software for Businesses

Financial Post, September 16, 2013
Saeed El-Darahali is sure his new software will transform the fortunes of his Dartmouth, N.S.-based company, SimplyCast.
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Innovacorp Entrepreneur Spotlight: SimplyCast’s Saeed El-Darahali

Canadian Digital Media Network, August 26, 2013
Going places is a consistent theme in Saeed’s life. Before becoming a young man on the move, he was a boy on the move—both literally and metaphorically.
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SimplyCast Kept Its Secret

Chronicle Herald, June 13, 2013
Put simply, the SimplyCast360 automation program, unveiled on Thursday to much fanfare, is the raison d’etre for the three-year existence of multi-channel marketing company SimplyCast.
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SimplyCast Unveils First All-In-One Marketing Automation Manager

Canadian Newswire, June 13, 2013
The 360 Automation Manager is the marketing industry’s most comprehensive integration between online, offline, mobile and social marketing.
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Targeting High School Students, SimplyCast Launches Paid Internship Program

Techvibes, March 19, 2013
The Dartmouth-based startup describes the initiative as a paid internship program for high school students, which it claims is the only one of its kind in Canada.
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Summer jobs await tech-savvy high schoolers

The Chronicle Herald, March 18, 2013
Three high school students with a proficiency in software engineering will get an opportunity to work this summer with interns from colleges and universities and full-time staff at
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SimplyCast Opens Toronto Data Centre

Entrevestor, December 6, 2012
The data centre will give SimplyCast clients the option of storing their company and client data completely in Canada, which is becoming increasingly necessary for Canadian organizations due to Canada’s relatively strict privacy laws.
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Head-office hunting

Progress Magazine, October, 2012
In the summer of 2012, Halifax-based document-organization start-up 2nd Act Innovations got a big break from a neighbouring company. SimplyCast, a Dartmouth–based multi-channel marketing company, announced that it had selected two-year-old 2nd Act’s document organization solution called Oris4 as its enterprise content-management platform.
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Dartmouth Marketing Company Seeks Presence in Silicon Valley

The Chronicle Herald, July 3, 2012
Fresh off a trip to Silicon Valley, the president of Dartmouth multi-channel marketing company is looking at possibly establishing a presence there in the future. The company was one of 20 Canadian firms selected by C100 to participate in the annual 48 Hours in the Valley event from June 25 to 27.
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SimplyCast Uses Local Startup to Help Organize Information

The Chronicle Herald, June 19, 2012
Dartmouth marketing firm has enlisted the support of a local software startup to organize massive amounts of information.SimplyCast has started using Halifax’s 2nd Act Innovations enterprise content management system Oris4 to make it easier to store, use and share information.
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Dartmouth Marketing Firm Picked to Participate in Silicon Valley Event

The Chronicle Herald, May 22, 2012
The Dartmouth multi-channel marketing company was one of 20 Canadian firms selected by C100 to participate in the annual “48 Hours in the Valley” event June 25-27. The event is a partnership between C100, a non-profit organization that supports Canadian technology entrepreneurship and investment, and the Canadian consulate in San Francisco and Palo Alto, Calif.
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Nova Scotia’s SimplyCast Launches Facebook App Generator

Techvibes, April 25, 2012
Dartmouth-based SimplyCast, which specializes in multi-channel marketing platform-as-a-service solutions, has released a Facebook app generator. The generator streamlines the process for any business to create, publish, and promote marketing campaigns on Facebook, the Canadian company says.
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Province Announces New Graduate Placement Program, March 7, 2012
The province is enticing more students to stay in Nova Scotia after graduating by helping them secure good jobs. Economic and Rural Development and Tourism Minister Percy Paris announced a new program that will encourage employers to hire recent co-operative education graduates in high-demand areas.
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Web-based Firm Seeks to Help Business Reach Markets

Chronicle Herald, Jan. 27. 2012
In an evolving digital landscape, it can be cumbersome for companies to market themselves over the many platforms available. A Nova Scotia company says it has found a solution that will allow companies to focus on their core business instead of worrying about reaching their audience.
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The 20 Most Popular Marketing Automation Software Solutions

Capterra, Dec. 4, 2011
In the long list of software options that can help your business, Marketing Automation is near the top. It has become one of the most in-demand tools for marketing professionals. Marketing Automation helps companies turn leads into customers and grow sales from existing customers.
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Dartmouth Firm Upgrades Online Marketing Software

Chronicle Herald, Dec. 1, 2011 of Dartmouth announced Thursday a major revamp of its online marketing software to be released in January, opening the door for a potential surge in growth and hiring next year
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