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Set it and Forget It: Email Marketing on Autopilot

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Do you ever wish you could put your email marketing on autopilot and spend your time working on other things? Now you can! Create autoresponder campaigns to do your email marketing for you so you can spend your time working on other projects.

What are Autoresponder Campaigns?

Autoreponder campaigns are email marketing campaigns that automatically send to customers and prospects when triggered by an action. Automatically engage with clients when they subscribe to your website, start using your service and even on their birthdays.

How it Works with SimplyCast:

1.Log into your Account.
2.Go to the Autoresponder Dashboard.
3.Click “Create New Project.”
4.Build your campaign content.
5.Set your trigger.
6.Select the list you would like to send automated messages to.
7.Cross check to make sure you didn’t miss anything, and you are set to go! Our system will automatically send personalized emails to each of your contacts when the trigger is prompted.

Put your email marketing on autopilot today so you can spend your valuable time and money on other marketing initiatives.