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Recent FAQs

What type of integration do you offer?

We offer you the ability to integrate with CRM systems such as Zoho, VTiger, SalesForce, and more. We also support non-CRM integrations with cPanel (single sign-in) and WHMCS to allow resellers to bill clients using a different payment system. To allow further customization, we also have an API that allows you to integrate your own Read more…

How does CRM integration work

CRM integration allows you to connect your CRM system directly to our platform. Our platform includes integration with SalesForce, SugarCRM, ZohoCRM, VTiger, and more. You can connect to any of our supported CRM systems through the Contact Manager. To create a connection, all you will require is your CRM login details which will be used Read more…

Does your service offer SalesForce integration?

Yes – our service offers SalesForce integration so you can import contacts directly from your SalesForce CRM system. This will allow you to import contact data directly in to the contact management system.

Do you have integration with VTiger

Our platform has built-in VTiger integration which allows you to import data directly into the Contact Management system. While there is no programming required, we offer an API to allow for further integration with your existing systems.

Do you integrate with Zoho?

Yes, we offer Zoho integration built in to the platform that allows you to load contact information directly from your Zoho CRM system to the Contact Manager. Additionally, we offer an API that allows for further integration with your systems.