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Top 10 Questions

  1. Do you offer a URL Shortener?
  2. What is the difference between opens and clicks?
  3. How do I make a section of an image clickable?
  4. What do the Bulk Fax Error Messages mean?
  5. Can I set the Twitter Application to auto-follow new followers?
  6. How Do I Create a Signup Form?
  7. Can you explain CASL?
  8. Is it easy for subscribers to opt out of receiving messages?
  9. Is there a minimum number of contacts needed for SimplyCast 360?
  10. How do I set up Google Analytics with my campaign?

Recent FAQs

What are the “Ad” Features?

What is this and how do I use it? Ad Source is a destination field that tracks the parameters surrounding the place your ad was when the customer used it to access your page. For example, you could have a parameter value of “Google,” “Bing” or others. Many advertisers such as Google use specific page parameters Read more…

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is the process of promoting your business via content being offered to the outside world. Examples of inbound marketing range from blogs to video, ebooks to social media. Anything that your customers can interact with in some way that will initiate a dialogue is considered inbound marketing. In contrast, cold calling and flyers Read more…

What is Acquisition Cost?

Acquisition Cost is the destination field that manages the estimation of how much was spent on advertising and so on to bring that lead in. This is manually input at the time that the tracking is built under the value heading. Is it included in my plan? Yes. Sonar is a free subscription available to Read more…

What is Potential Value?

Potential Value is another estimated, manually input Destination Field that is a rough estimate based on score, past activity and pages visited what a customer might be worth. Is it included in my plan? Yes. Sonar is a free subscription available to all our SimplyCast users, so all the features of Sonar are fully unlocked Read more…

How do I Build a Tracking Rule?

Tracking rules are made up of the Data Source, Destination Field, Operation and Value or Parameter. These can be found by clicking on the blue plus sign in the gray area below the link or pixel information. The dropdown menus function as follows: The Data Source field is used to determine what is being modified in Read more…