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  1. Short URL Creation
  2. Set Recurring Tweets
  3. Automate Status Updates
  4. Event Ticket Creation
  5. Increase Patient Knowledge with Tips
  6. Reduce No-Shows with Automatic Reminders
  7. Add More Twitter Followers
  8. Generated HTML Code
  9. Organize Events with Ease
  10. Send Test Call

Recent Features

Your Ticket into a Billion Dollar Industry

Marketing automation is one of the fastest growing industries, and many businesses are adding marketing automation add-ons to the list of services they provide. Agency is a great way to tap into this industry.

Manage Your Staff with Ease

Set specific permissions for each staff member. From the master account, set who has access to specific channels, accounts and tasks. This enables you to have complete control over how clients’ campaigns are created and distributed.

Developed and Tested

Don’t waste time and money developing new marketing automation tools when you can offer your clients fully functional tools right now. All our marketing automation tools have been tested and proven, and our solution is top quality.

Build a Stronger Brand

All you do is re-brand the SimplyCast solution as your own. We are right here to help you every step of the way and provide training for your staff, yet the solution becomes yours. You get the customers and you offer the solution with your brand name on it.

Fully Scalable

Agency is scalable so it is flexible for each of your unique client’s needs, from SMBs to enterprise organizations. The solution doesn’t lock you in to one size or industry so you can continue to expand your customer base.