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  1. Short URL Creation
  2. Automate Status Updates
  3. Set Recurring Tweets
  4. Event Ticket Creation
  5. Schedule SMS Texts
  6. Autoresponder Capabilities
  7. Custom Templates
  8. SMS Mail Merge
  9. Easy Multi-Channel Integration
  10. Detailed Reports

Recent Features

Create Personalized Hospitality Campaigns

Increase guest loyalty and engagement by sending personally targeted messages to each guest, with the help of automation. Targeted hospitality messages are proven to increase open rates and conversions, helping you bring in more guests and increasing your revenue. Guests can receive messages based on their preferred room or floor, their length of stay, whether Read more…

Increase Knowledge with Marketing Tips for Dentist

Patients can sign up to receive dental tips that are automatically targeted to their individual needs. Since you would already have the information on what each patient needs from your practice, you can set up a trigger-based campaign to send follow up tips or suggestions.

This option to receive dental information can be included on forms in the office or even as part of a record or receipt. Getting creative with promoting these tips can actually benefit your entire list of patients. Customer flow communication makes this process seamless.

Fill Open Appointment Slots Quickly

If you have a last minute cancellation, with one click you can send messages to a list of patients who are waiting for an appointment. Nobody likes waiting without an appointment so make it easy on everyone and use dental marketing tools to easily move new people in.

With dental internet marketing and information management, you can ask if a person wants to sign up to a list that gets contacted when others cancel. This can reduce the amount of people sitting in the waiting room and at the same time allow people to manage their own day better.

Simplify Patient Data Collection

Online signup forms make it easy for patients to enter medical history, current medications and other contact information. Whatever data you want to collect for your dental marketing, our service  makes the management of it easy. No more file cabinets.

Then the right information can be sent to clients based on the profile data collected. This creates more targeted communication and builds a loyalty to your dentist office. It also saves questions later because the content is specific to that person.

Reduce Guest Cancellations

With marketing automation, each guest receives personalized messages based on their own needs. Guests will receive reminders about their check-in and check-out time, reducing the number of guests who arrive late or forget what time they should be out of their rooms. Leading up to their stay, create excitement by sending messages with things to Read more…