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  1. Short URL Creation
  2. Set Recurring Tweets
  3. Automate Status Updates
  4. Event Ticket Creation
  5. Increase Patient Knowledge with Tips
  6. Generated HTML Code
  7. Reduce No-Shows with Automatic Reminders
  8. Organize Events with Ease
  9. Add More Twitter Followers
  10. Send Test Call

Recent Features

Do Effective Automated Event Marketing

Send out automated email newsletters to guests with information about the event, schedule automated social media posts in the week leading up to the event, and text message reminders on the night of the event to increase attendance.

Learn More About the Customer Experience

Did guests enjoy their room and meals? Would they come back or recommend your resort to friends? Where are they travelling from? You can find out all about your guests’ preferences, demographic and opinions through a quick online survey.

Build Excitement with Social Media

Reach out to new guests through social media with exclusive promotions, news, photos and contests. Run contests that allow guests to win a free weekend stay, a couple’s meal or a chance to win travel expenses.

Draw Business with Text Message Campaigns

Musical acts, weather and room specials can change nightly, so keep your guests up to date on what’s happening at your resort. Text messages are an immediate way to connect with guests, as most text messages are read within five minutes of being received.

Competitive Pricing

Our Agency solution is the most affordable in the business, while still providing the power and flexibility you need. For information on pricing, contact our friendly team to learn more at 866-323-6572.