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  1. Short URL Creation
  2. Set Recurring Tweets
  3. Automate Status Updates
  4. Event Ticket Creation
  5. Generated HTML Code
  6. Increase Patient Knowledge with Tips
  7. Reduce No-Shows with Automatic Reminders
  8. Organize Events with Ease
  9. Send Test Call
  10. Attract New Clients with Online Signup Forms

Recent Features

Competitive Pricing

Our Agency solution is the most affordable in the business, while still providing the power and flexibility you need. For information on pricing, contact our friendly team to learn more at 866-323-6572.

100,000 Contacts

With the Agency account, you get 100,000 included contacts. You can divide these contacts between your client accounts as needed, or use them for your own marketing purposes. You can purchase additional contacts as needed.

Provide Access to Clients

When a client wants to see how their campaigns are doing, they can easily log in to their account. This way, the agency and the client can both access the account and share information. When your clients can work with you to optimize campaigns, it builds trust and interaction.

Multi-User Accounts

When multiple staff members are working with client accounts, maintain control with multi-user accounts. Each user has their own unique login, which activates their own level of permissions. The Agency account comes with ten multi-user accounts, and more can be purchased as needed.

Earn Consistent Revenue Stream

When you rebrand the SimplyCast solution as your own, you set your own prices for your clients. What you charge for your marketing services is completely up to you. This flexibility enables you to earn additional revenue and grow your agency.