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Top 10 Viewed Features

  1. Short URL Creation
  2. Set Recurring Tweets
  3. Automate Status Updates
  4. Event Ticket Creation
  5. Generated HTML Code
  6. Reduce No-Shows with Automatic Reminders
  7. Increase Patient Knowledge with Tips
  8. Organize Events with Ease
  9. Send Test Call
  10. Schedule SMS Texts

Recent Features

Reduce No-Shows using Automated Reminders

Automatically sent messages remind each patient of appointment dates and times on the preferred device. Not everyone writes down dates on the calendar. Keep your daily appointments booked by reminding upcoming visitors of their times.

Chat Live with DRTV Customers

Your direct response TV staff can connect with customers and potential new customers online through our live chat service. This allows your staff to answer questions quickly without having to spend time on the phone.

Promote Your DRTV Marketing on Social Media

Social media is a great way to gain new direct response TV marketing viewers. It enables you to share your messages with a much wider audience. Advertise your exciting new products, post customer reviews, pictures and videos. To increase engagement, feature fun contests and coupons.

Build DRTV Customer Interaction with Personalized Messages

Increase customer loyalty and engagement by sending them personalized messages. Personal direct response TV marketing messages increase interaction rates among customers and make it more likely that they will make a purchase.

Build Excitement with DRTV Text Messages

Create text message campaigns that engage direct response TV marketing viewers and bring in more sales. Viewers sign up for automated text message notifications, then receive personalized messages based on what types of products they enjoy.