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Strengthen Your Online Retail Business Model

Do you have a great customer relationship management solution that helps you connect with each of your unique customers online and in store? Using marketing automation, you can reach each customer with targeted promotions, timely reminders and special offers. Customers can even select how they prefer to be contacted: through email, text messaging or voice messaging. Automated retail marketing solutions make it simple.

Create comprehensive customer relationship management campaigns that will run on multiple channels to complete your website and product offering on the customer’s terms. Manage your e-commerce marketing through a single solution by advertising using email, SMS, voicemail, fax and social media all from one simple solution. Customer relationship management has never been this simple, efficient and effective.

Great ecommerce marketing solutions are hard to find. The retail industry, especially online, is huge so stand out with personally targeted retail communication for each one of your customers using customer flow communication. Personalized messages perform better than mass messages. They help engage your customers, boost sales and build loyalty and satisfaction.

By managing all your customer communication and marketing campaigns through a single solution, you increase efficiency and reduce cost. Try automated customer flow communication for free today.

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Draw Customers into Your Store

SMS coupons are a quick, personal and highly effective way to attract customers to your store or online site. Once someone is added to the list, you can easily send them occasional promotions right to their mobile phone. All you need is their mobile number in your database.

You can also set it up to automatically send the promotions at set times. Like a week after buying a shirt, you can send a coupon code for a discount on pants or other clothing. SMS has a much more personal touch than email and you don’t need a lot of content.

Increase Customer Attendance for Store Events

When hosting a store demo or class, use retail communication to send personalized invitations and reminders. Part of a successful customer relationship management strategy entails appealing to customers’ individual interests, and events help create interests.

The benefit of customer flow communication is that you can easily track who has been invited, who is attending and who can be contacted for the next event. With everything being tracked and managed by software, you won’t miss a beat and gain the biggest audience possible.

Multi-Channel is Key To Reach Customers

Thriving social media pages and regular SMS promotions help you to draw in a new sector of customers and create more engaged relationships with current customers through open two-way communication. Create short-codes to have triggered content at the ready.

By being active on social media, you are essentially building word-of-mouth advertising for your store. A retail store is the perfect place to run creative automation campaigns and to answer questions from your audience right away. Personalization is vital.

Gather Valuable Feedback with Customer Surveys

Use regular online surveys to see what customers think of your products and services, and how you can improve. Improving your business based on customer feedback helps to improve customer relationships. Online surveys are an easy way to gain this valuable feedback.

By using customer flow communication, you can distribute a survey in several different ways. You can add a link to your hosted survey via email, SMS or social media. Then you can collect real-time feedback and move towards pleasing your loyal customers.

7 Reasons to Love 360 Marketing Automation

  • Visualize: map out your customer communications the way you see it
  • Target: use clear and actionable data to truly understand your patrons
  • Engage: connect with audience based on their preferences and actions
  • Nurture: guide customers from initial store visit to next purchase
  • Flow: marketing automation and multi-channel communication in one
  • Optimize: detailed reporting helps optimize campaigns to engage clients
  • Innovate: build a loyal following using the most innovative technology