Reselling Made Simple

SimplyCast’s unique partnership model gives you the ability to re-brand the SimplyCast Platform as your own company-branded product. Everything your customers see has the look and branding of your company yet you don’t have to spend money on development or testing. We even have reseller marketing services to help you get started promoting your new offering to your customer base.

This platform goes far beyond what a typical white label or software licensing provider offers. SimplyCast offers a fully functional turn-key business model. The SimplyCast partnership model provides a complete market offering like no other. Reseller marketing is simple when you have a proven successful solution to offer right away.

The reseller market is diverse and far-ranging, yet the SimplyCast solution offers the most popular and in-demand tools that your customers truly want.

Corporate Resellers

Our agency account enables you to manage up to ten client accounts from a single master account. Increase efficiency and client satisfaction, and rebrand our marketing solution as your own.

Web Hosts

Increase ARPU, customer retention and overall satisfaction while offering more than the competition.


You have the expertise and the excellent services. Now add marketing automation on top of that.

Important Documents to Download



Empower your clients with the marketing and communication tools they need to be successful for today's world whether it is online, offline, mobile or social media. If you are successful, we are successful.



Enable your clients with relevant and measurable solutions that are easy to access and can be adapted for their changing needs. Don't worry about updates or new features. Be first in line to know what is available.



Increase your clients' leads and conversion rates while minimizing their marketing spending. By automating all marketing and communication messages, clients can quickly ramp up business.

resellers- grow


Grow your own brand by reducing overall spending while generating new recurring revenue streams in a $54B market. The marketing automation space is growing rapidly, now is the time to get on board.

Proven Success

We have been fine-tuning the platform for years and we like to think we know what we’re doing. Take advantage of our materials and knowledge to help your brand grow. We offer marketing resources like whitepapers, infographics and blog posts to get you started. Have questions? Our reseller support team is always here to help.

Flexible Tools

Diverse and flexible, the white label product is the only single platform in the world with 15 integrated marketing and communication channels. With one simple yet powerful solution, you can provide all the tools your customers need for their marketing so they don’t have to go anywhere else.

Your Own Branding

We provide the white label technology, you put your own distinctive company brand on it. Customers use the technology as if it is yours. All leads and paying customers that come in are yours to keep. Promoting a consistent branded product boosts customer loyalty and brand recognition for your business.

Recurring Revenue

Access a recurring revenue model based on monthly subscriptions. As each client grows, they will upgrade, which is great news for resellers. Providing top quality tools lets you grow your customer base and increase customer loyalty. Marketing tools are in high demand and the white label program allows you to provide them.

Your Own Margins

Offer an in-demand product at competitive prices with minimal start-up cost. No research or development: this is a turn-key white label. Instead of waiting for the competition to get a leg up, you can start offering valuable marketing tools to your customers right away. We provide generous discounts allowing you to create your own margins.

Your Own Prices

Flexibility comes standard, meaning you’re free to set your own prices as you see fit. There are no limits to how much you can earn. The flexibility of having your own product also means that you can customize it to your customers’ needs. How you rebrand this white label software is entirely up to you.

Resellers Resources

Detailed Demos

Detailed Demos

Get full demonstrations of how everything works. The more you understand, the better you'll do. We will make the transition from signing and on-boarding to going live a breeze.

Marketing Materials

We have been promoting and selling SimplyCast for years. So we like to think we know a little about what we're doing. We'll provide the basic materials to help you sell and promote the product.


Our proprietary CRM and CEM systems will be available to all Reseller partners. These will allow you to keep track of all your customers, old and new, so you can run things on your terms.


When we offer updates or new products, you will know about them first. This way you can test and learn about them before you sell them. We are always optimizing the platform to stay ahead.