360 Marketing Automation Manager


Engage Prospects with Customer Flow Communication

Marketing Automation is the wave of the future – why not ride it ahead of the pack to gain a competitive advantage for your company? Increase conversions and revenue with automatic and timely personal communications that require no manual work. The SimplyCast 360 Automation Manager combines all of our communication tools into a single intuitive platform, enabling you to build automated marketing campaigns and communication flows. Our easy-to-use solution allows you to reach the right people at the right time via their preferred mode of communication. Engage with customers and prospects based on stored data, their interests, and their past interactions with your organization to increase ROI.

Our marketing automation solution was designed to work the way you think so you can set up your campaigns like a flow chart and let the software do the work for you. This way your team can focus their time and resources on creativity and campaign strategy instead of manually communicating with every prospect, trying to understand complex marketing tools, and, let’s face it, going grey in the process.

SimplyCast 360 allows you to engage with your audience in a highly personalized way that has never before been possible.

360 Marketing Automation Manager Highlights

Marketing Automation That Works

Easy-to-use API

Connect with our API to trigger 360 campaigns from external sources such as CRMs, e-commerce solutions, and calendars. Once API calls have been set up, our marketing automation system will automatically communicate with contacts based on behaviors that occur outside of our system.

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Detailed Marketing Campaign Reports

Monitor every campaign and every interaction with contacts using our detailed reporting and analytics system. Track open rates, click-throughs, social reach and more to discover which campaigns are working and which ones need a little work. Discover the real ROI of your campaigns to maximize budget effectiveness.

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Event Marketing Automation

Increase attendance at your next event by building automated communication processes that engage with prospective attendees over multiple channels. Send personalized invitations via email, track RSVPs with signup forms and landing pages, send event reminders via text, and even create tickets/accept payments.

Our Event Marketing Platform

Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

Engage with customers and prospects using multiple forms of communication, including web, email, text messages, voice messages, social media, and even fax! Include multiple forms of communication in single campaigns to make sure your company stays top of mind. The Automation Manager will do all sending for you.

How Multi-Channel Marketing Integration Works

Lead Nurturing with Automation

Nurture your prospects from the first touch point through to purchase, and maintain regular contact with loyal customers to increase revenues. Use our advanced filtering technology to personalize each message and tailor content based on customer interests and behaviors when engaging with the company.

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Landing Pages and Forms

Capture data from new prospects every chance you can get using signup forms or landing pages. Sit back and relax as our automation manager software filters new subscribers into the correct lists and enters them into automated lead nurturing campaigns based on their individual preferences.

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7 Reasons to Love 360 Marketing Automation

7 Reasons to Love SimplyCast 360 Marketing Automation
  • Visualize: map out your communications – built to work the way you think
  • Target: use clear and actionable data to get in the minds of your customers
  • Engage: engage with clients based on their preferences and behaviours
  • Nurture: guide prospects from sign up to sale using lead nurturing
  • Flow: marketing automation and inbound marketing rolled into one
  • Optimize: detailed reporting helps optimize campaigns and increase ROI
  • Innovate: get started with the hottest trend in marketing today
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