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Blacklist Monitoring

Blacklist Monitor Highlights

Powerful Automated Features

Multiple IP Monitoring

You can monitor as many IP addresses as you need to simultaneously. This allows you to keep a watchful eye over all your IP addresses to ensure that you are maintaining a strong, trusted online reputation. Start monitoring  today with ease.

Removal Instructions

Although SimplyCast does not automatically remove your IP address from a blacklist, we do provide detailed instructions regarding how to be removed. Next to each blacklist, you can view the removal instructions needed.

Customizable Checks

Normally, your IP address is checked against blacklists every 24 hours. You can adjust this check interval if you wish to monitor multiple times daily. You can also manually check your IP address whenever you wish from your account.

Add Notes

Easily add notes next to each of your IP addresses in order to keep them organized so you can quickly find them and check them if you wish. For example, you can associate a name with each IP address to better distinguish what campaigns are being sent.

7 Reasons To Love Blacklist Monitor

  • Once you enter your IP address, there is nothing left to do.
  • There is no contract to sign. Just a monthly subscription fee.
  • Never worry that your sending reputation has been damaged.
  • Knowing that our deliverability team is always optimizing.
  • New blacklists added, making sure the technology is ready.
  • Support whenever you need it – Phone, email, live chat and more.
  • A small cost to spend to keep your reputation in check.