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Manage Customer Data To Improve Productivity

One of the perks of using marketing automation is being able to manage all of your customers in one place, anywhere and any time. SimplyCast’s contact manager will give your organization the competitive advantage you are looking for. Manage contacts in real-time as soon as they make that first interaction with you through easy to use lead generation software. Manage sales pipelines, take advantage of lead scoring and have the most up to date profile of every one of your contacts. This will take the pressure off your sales team, point out who is ready to close and in the end, increase conversions and revenue. With our easy-to-use solution you can completely streamline the lead management process. This will link your team with the individual contacts they need to reach out to. This includes contacts generated from online, offline, mobile and social media marketing.

When it comes to marketing automation, success begins and ends with nurturing. It could be a lead, a prospect, a fan, a reader, a patient, a voter or even a Facebook follower. The point is, when you automate your communication, you want to fully understand how that person is interacting and whether the selected touchpoints are working. Our lead generation software is simple to use and helps you move leads through your sales pipeline with ease.

SimplyCast’s contact manager helps you acquire new customers, maximize profits and increase efficiency in a way that has never been possible before.

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Lead Nurturing

Nurture your prospects from the first touch point through to purchase, and maintain regular contact with loyal customers to increase revenues. Use our advanced filtering technology to personalize each message and tailor content based on customer interests and behaviors when engaging with the company.

Learn about the Benefits of Marketing Automation

Behavioral Tracking

Knowing who is interacting with your communication is important. Knowing exactly what they are interacting with is really important to optimizing your campaigns. Track exactly what each contact does, whether it is clicking on a link, opening an email, downloading a file and then tag each accordingly.

Sales Dashboard

As a sales person, you need fast information. The sales dashboard is your contact command center. Customize the data you need to be pulled to the surface for each contact so you can quickly get high end status updates you need. See reporting data, behavioral data, contact information and more for each contact in your Read more…

Pipeline Manager

Whether it’s automatic or manual, create your own pipeline and move your leads through it all the way to conversion. Each organization will have different variables, so we made the pipeline manager very flexible. Now you can easily see what stage of the nurture cycle each contact is at. It’s that easy.

Improved Productivity

Ask any sales person and they will tell you that managing all of their contacts manually is a huge time commitment. SimplyCast’s contact manager will make everything much easier and will improve everyone’s productivity. This will allow for a more personalize approach to a greater amount of contacts.

Manage Contact Data

Now you can easily manage all contacts and related opportunities, activities, and other details from a centralized, shared database. Not only will you be more organized, you’ll increase the value of every customer contact and improve the customer experience with access to information that’s always current and correct.

Lead Management

Save time by viewing everything you need to know about a contact on a single page that includes contact info, communication history, social media profiles, lead score and more. By having instant access to each lead in your pipeline, you can quickly act and convert more sales.

7 Reasons to Love Our Contact Manager

  • Visualize: map out your contacts and plot their progression
  • Target: use clear and actionable data to get in the minds of your customers
  • Engage: engage with clients based on their preferences and data
  • Nurture: guide contacts from sign up to sale using lead nurturing
  • Flow: Easily move contacts to the next stage of the pipeline
  • Optimize: data updates in real-time as it is collected and triggered
  • Innovate: get started with the coolest contact manager in the industry