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Create Effective & Targeted Pages

Landing pages may be required for special events or contests, or any time that you require a page that is not currently on your website or that you may not require permanently. With landing page software, you can easily create landing pages that have a consistent team brand look and feel, and add meta-tags, words or phrases that help search engines find your page. You can turn off landing pages when you do not require them, or wish to temporarily hide them.

Create landing pages for special campaigns or contests that you are running, or for company events. Landing pages may supply additional information or simply provide a place where website visitors are directed for a more targeted customer experience. A landing page creator makes it easy to provide a great experience for your customers.

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Traffic Strategy

Traffic Strategy

You have complete control over which visitors are sent to which landing pages. You can specify how many visitors should view a specific landing page, while sending other visitors to a different landing page. This allows you to create a more targeted customer experience.
Meta Support

Meta Support

You can enter complete meta information for each landing page you create in order to make it easier for search engines to find your landing pages. Targeted meta information helps the search engines send visitors to your landing pages when they look for specific terms.
Easy Editing

Easy Editing

Creating a professional and attractive landing page should be simple. Our landing page creation software makes it easy for anyone to create and edit landing pages without any knowledge of programming or design skills. This makes getting started a snap.
Hide Landing Page

Hide Landing Page

If your landing page is not relevant at the moment or you are running a limited-time campaign, you can easily hide landing pages temporarily or permanently so visitors never see a landing page that contains invalid information. Of course it is easy to turn it back on.

7 Reasons To Love Landing Pages

  • Landing pages save money because they used for a targeted audience.
  • They allow a user to quickly convert based on relevant information.
  • They can be kept outside of the actual website for easier management.
  • Integrate social media easily to extend a landing page's reach.
  • Personalize messages based on the client data you have collected.
  • Support whenever you need it – Phone, email, live chat and more.
  • Landing pages will help your marketing team automate everything.