Twitter Automation

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Engage Your Fans Automatically

Twitter marketing is essential for today’s businesses. With our Twitter marketing software, it is easy to maintain a fresh, engaging presence on the social media site without spending all your time tweeting. Simply create a series of tweets that will post at scheduled intervals. SimplyCast also shortens links for Twitter so your tweets don’t look sloppy or unprofessional.

Twitter marketing is a great way to advertise and promote a consistent brand for your company. It is a fun way to get new customers engaged with your company, by running exciting contests, special promotions and advertising events. It’s also a good idea to throw in tips or links to interesting stories to keep your Twitter feed personal and fun.

SimplyCast offers many unique Twitter marketing features in our Twitter tool. You can randomize the time of day that your tweets are posted so they appear more organic. You can automatically target your tweets to specific audiences based on age, gender and location. Our features are designed to make your Twitter feed more engaging to your followers by making it more personalized and relevant.

Twitter marketing is one of the best ways to interact with your customers and gain new customers. Your customers can share their experiences and personal testimonials in order to build trust and interest in your business. Don’t make your customers do all the work though! Create interesting posts that are up to date with current Twitter trends and industry news. And always acknowledge customers on Twitter who do mention or comment on your business. This engagement is essential for Twitter marketing, and shows that you are engaged and that you care about your customers.

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Tweet Scheduling

Tweet Scheduling

We have so many options when it comes to scheduling your tweets. You can schedule multiple or single tweets, repeat the same tweet at specific intervals and even make your tweets seem less automated with organic tweet timing. Keeping your Twitter feed updated and fresh has never been simpler.
URL Shortener

URL Shortener

Twitter is all about short and sweet messages, which is why we offer a URL shortening option. Don't let a URL eat up valuable space. We also provide a character counter when you are creating your Twitter messages so you never go over that 140 character limit and have your message cut off.
Multiple Accounts

Multiple Accounts

If you are managing multiple Twitter accounts, our Twitter software makes it easy to tweet from any account. You can add or delete accounts, switch between accounts easily and view recent activity in any of your accounts. This is perfect for large organizations with several departments.
Following Options

Following Options

You can easily follow, unfollow and block other Twitter users directly from the application. You can also search for a specific type of follower based on variables you choose. As for direct messages, it's easy to customize them for when new followers decide to see what you are up to.

7 Reasons To Love Twitter Marketing

  • Stop spending all of your free time on Twitter. Set it up and go. With automated Twitter marketing, you can set up hundreds of tweets in advance so you never have to worry that your Twitter feed is stale or out of date. Your tweets can even be set up to post at organic times so your account doesn't look like a robot is managing it. Simple yet engaging.
  • Mixing automated tweets with organic ones will make your profile pop. Save time with Twitter marketing automation, but keep it real by including personally created tweets every once in a while. This can include responding to customers' tweets, commenting on a trending Twitter topic, or mentioning a current community event. Whatever it is, manual tweets add a bit of personality and relevance to your Twitter feed.
  • Have an ongoing relationship with customers using automation. Twitter marketing is all about interaction between customers and businesses, and it's important to show your customers that you are engaged with their comments, questions and concerns. Respond to your customers' and followers' messages promptly and professionally to create a welcoming Twitter presence for your audience.
  • Your Twitter page will never get stale, even when you forget. Did checking your Twitter feed and tweeting escape your mind for a few days? That's ok, Twitter marketing automation has your back. It's busy updating your Twitter feed when you don't have the time or when you forget.
  • Build a targeted following by searching for those in your space. With Twitter marketing, who you follow and who follows you can say a lot about your business. By following other businesses in your industry, you show that you are engaged and connected. Following the right Twitter users also helps you find industry news and trends to tweet about or retweet.
  • Support whenever you need it – Phone, email, live chat and more. Have questions about your Twitter marketing efforts or need assistance? The SimplyCast support team is here for you. We have long support hours and we are always ready to help you with your tweets or your account.
  • Reuse older tweets that worked and delete the ones that don't. With SimplyCast automated Twitter marketing, you get detailed reports about how your followers are interacting with each of your tweets. This means that you can see which tweets got a lot of attention and which ones might need to be rethought.