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Powerful Automated Features

Simple Message Creation

Simple Message Creation

When it comes to creating a voice broadcast, we offer lots of options. It is simple to create and edit messages, even if you do not have recording software. You can select from a variety of languages for your voice broadcast to cover all the bases.
Message Option Customization

Message Option Customization

How does your voice message sound to your subscribers and what options does it provide to them? Message customization is entirely up to you and you can specify what should happen if an answering machine or voicemail service gets your voice broadcast.
Reliable Sending

Reliable Sending

Your voice messages will reach your subscribers quickly and efficiently and you can check in to see how the broadcast is progressing. Scheduling a send time is simple with our easy date and time selector or you can send as soon as you create your voice message.
Message Management

Message Management

With our voice broadcast software, you have full control over your voice broadcast. You can edit or cancel a voice broadcast at any time and you can customize which number you wish to send from. We have made it flexible to match your needs.


7 Reasons To Love Voice Broadcasting

  • You get to literally say what you want to your audience.
  • Voice stands out much more than email or even SMS.
  • Send thousands of messages in minutes without picking up a phone.
  • Ideal communication tool for prizes and contest winners.
  • Personalize messages based on the client data you have collected.
  • Support whenever you need it – Phone, email, live chat and more.
  • Voice broadcasting is a good way of extending your company's reach.