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SimplyCast | Security Features

Clients from all over the world put their trust in us every day to protect their data. Here are some of the security features implemented at SimplyCast.


• 24/7 monitoring of all servers.
• Tier-1 Premium Bandwidth.
• Access to three private data centers for redundancy and continuity.
• Credit card information is encrypted and secured behind firewall.


Data center access is strictly limited to technical staff. Electronic security systems control data center access and are accompanied by a full complement of motion detecting security cameras which monitor the entire facility. Our data center facility’s external walls are reinforced poured concrete. The data centers are a fully managed facility, which means they have level three technicians on site 24 hours per day, allowing incident response times to be kept to a minimum.


Environmental processing systems include redundant Liebert Precision 22 ton up flow air conditioning units. Temperature and humidity are precisely regulated year round to ensure optimal equipment reliability. Each unit contains independent compressors and cooling loops to further enhance fault tolerance and reliability. Air filtration systems actively remove foreign particulates from circulation and cycle the entire data center air supply in a matter of minutes.


Our power systems feature extensive fault tolerance and resilience at every layer. Incoming service is routed underground to a dedicated on-site transformer. This system routes to our automatic transfer switch which monitors power quality, and automatically transfers to our emergency generators in the event they are needed. Each facility is also protected by one or more uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), featuring redundant battery cabinets and full maintenance bypass cabinets allowing for service and upgrades without interruption of power to our servers.


Liebert Precision power distribution units handle final power transformation and distribution to racks, ensuring clean consistent power to data center equipment.


Each facility has multiple emergency generators waiting on standby, featuring over 24 hours of autonomous runtime before requiring refueling. Each generator is test run at least once a week to ensure they are ready in the event they are needed.


Generator power is activated automatically in the event of a utility failure by the transfer switch. The data center load is maintained by the UPS units with at least 15 minutes of capacity, however, this is not necessary as the generator is active and up to speed within 10 seconds of a power failure.


If you have any further questions about SimplyCast’s security features, please contact our Customer Care Team.


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