What is AccrediCast?

AccrediCast is a new way for small and medium businesses to automate and scale their digital marketing efforts. Through a special initiative between SimplyCast, a leader in the marketing automation space, and the Better Business Bureau serving the Atlantic Provinces, BBB Accredited Businesses now have an economical way to better communicate with their customers. 

Why AccrediCast?

AccrediCast is a joint project between SimplyCast and BBB to provide amazing functionality at an exclusively low price. SimplyCast, a Dartmouth-grown leader in the marketing and communication technology space, has been operating since 2009 and represents customers in over 175 countries and – as an Accredited Business – is proud to join forces with BBB.

This initiative represents an opportunity for businesses in Atlantic Canada to benefit from both the power of BBB accreditation as well as a suite of low-cost communication tools to help their organizations grow via SimplyCast. AccrediCast is offered under an exclusive arrangement through BBB for Accredited Businesses only and offers many benefits for businesses both new and established.

What are the Benefits?

AccrediCast, among other things, helps you: Keep your brand top of mind to customers and prospects Save time communicating your organization’s value Save money by keeping all your communication solutions in one place Communicate your accreditation and trustworthiness as an organization.

AccrediCast offers the following applications:

Email: Send CASL-compliant emails, including newsletters and surveys, with a simple drag-and-drop editor to keep your brand top-of-mind to clients.


Web Form: Add forms to your website or landing pages to allow customers and prospects to opt-in and learn more about your organization.


CRM: Automatically add customers and prospects to a list and contact manager to easily access client information and history.


Facebook & Twitter: Set up a series of posts and tweets automatically to help boost your social media presence and engage followers.


  • What is AccrediCast?
    AccrediCast is an innovative initiative between Atlantic Canada’s Better Business Bureau and SimplyCast to provide select SimplyCast marketing tools to BBB accredited businesses.
  • Why has SimplyCast joined forces with the BBB?
    SimplyCast has teamed up with the BBB to help provide critical digital marketing tools to help businesses and organizations in the Atlantic Canada region grow more efficiently and to ideally help provide a boost to the local economy.
  • Can’t businesses just get the tools elsewhere, directly from SimplyCast, even?
    Yes, anyone can still sign up for SimplyCast and get access to SimplyCast’s toolset. However, BBB accredited businesses in the Atlantic region can take advantage of exclusive packages offered through the BBB at prices they couldn’t get anywhere else, including directly through SimplyCast.
  • Why is it called “AccrediCast”?
    We wanted to create a separate brand from SimplyCast and the BBB, but at the same time a name that reflected the combination of both brands as well as to show that this is a product available only to accredited BBB businesses
  • Why is it only available through the Atlantic Canada Region chapter of BBB?
    This is an initiative conceived and grown between SimplyCast, a Nova Scotian business, and the Atlantic Region’s BBB specifically to cater to local organizations and the local economy. However, if successful it’s the aim of both parties to expand AccrediCast to other BBB regions.
  • Why should I use AccrediCast?
    Every business and organization needs to communicate with their customers, whether it’s to win new business and support, to keep their brand top of mind or simply to communicate about new initiatives. AccrediCast helps you to communicate easily with customers and prospective customers at the lowest costs possible while saving you time by automating many traditional communication tasks.
  • What’s included?
    AccrediCast was created to provide many of the most widely used marketing and communication tools at low cost. The tools currently offered by AccrediCast are Email, Forms, Surveys, Facebook, Twitter and a CRM.
  • Do I have to use all the tools?
    No. We provide some of the most popular digital marketing tools in a package, but it’s up to you which of them you choose to use and how often.
  • What if I don’t have time to use this, can someone at AccrediCast help me create campaigns?
    Yes, when you call or write in regarding your account just let the AccrediCast representative know that you’re looking for help and they’ll be able to assist. Depending on what you need, there may be additional fees for this assistance.
  • How much does it cost?
    AccrediCast offers packages to accredited business that are greatly discounted compared to the packages available directly through SimplyCast. Simply reach out to one of support representatives and they’ll help assist in setting up your account.
  • Why is AccrediCast discounted?
    SimplyCast is a proud Nova Scotian company, and in working with Atlantic Region’s BBB, we hope to reach customers who can’t traditionally afford digital marketing to help them grow. At the same time, by providing these services through the BBB, organizations will also benefit from showing that they are accredited and trustworthy – something that is not always easy for small organizations to convey.
  • Can anyone use AccrediCast?
    Any business that is accredited through the Atlantic Region’s BBB can use AccrediCast. To get your account contact AccrediCast on: or 1.866.306.2668.
  • Once I have an AccrediCast account, how do I log in?
    Once you’ve been provided an account you’ll be able to access it directly through your standard BBB login. Once you’ve logged into AccrediCast once you won’t need to login again to it – simply log into your BBB account and click on the AccrediCast icon and you’ll be logged in automatically to your account.
  • Where is my data on AccrediCast hosted?
    AccrediCast is hosted on secure servers in Canada. SimplyCast has been hosting customer data securely and successfully since 2009 and treats customer data with the utmost sensitivity.
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