The 10 Most Popular SimplyCast Posts of 2009

The 10 Most Popular SimplyCast Posts of 2009

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10 Most Popular SimplyCast Posts 2009

Before shifting our focus to 2010, it is time to look back at the hot topics of 2009. The SimplyCast blog grew quite a bit over the past 12 months and we hope you have learned a lot from us. Your comments and feedback has been great and we look forward to informing and entertaining you in the new year.

Here are SimplyCast's top ten most read posts in 2009.

1. Checklist: Planning your first email marketing campaign - The team at SimplyCast wants to make life a little easier by providing a handy checklist to use when creating your first email marketing campaign.

2. Integrating Facebook into your email marketing campaigns - Here are a few ways you can start to integrate Facebook into your email marketing campaigns.

3. Is a dedicated IP address the way to go for email marketers - To help you decide whether a dedicated IP address is right for your company's needs, here is a comparison of what a dedicated IP address offers as opposed to a shared IP address.

4. How effective is your Call-To-Action? - The Call-to-Action is arguably one of the most important elements of your email and needs to be evaluated and tweaked just like every other part of a campaign.

5. The scoop on using images in HTML emails - Here are some tips to help ensure the best results when adding images to your HTML messages.

6. Optimize email subject line for better results - When sending out email marketing campaigns, your subject line needs to stand out in the inbox.

7. Twitter and email marketing: A killer combo - Once you have created a Twitter account and a profile page, try these four easy ways to combine Twitter and your email marketing efforts.

8. 20 ways to avoid email spam filters - How do you avoid spam filters when sending out your latest email marketing campaign? Here are 20 important ways to dodge those pesky spam filters.

9. Free Email-Marketing-4-Life Program - SimplyCast, a leading on-demand email marketing solutions company, is offering users worldwide access to send 300 FREE emails for life through the new Free-Email-Marketing-4-Life program.

10. STOP! Validate your HTML code before you send - If you are still not sure why should validate your HTML code, you should also know that invalid code is rendered across a wide variety of browsers and the outcome is unpredictable.

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