10 Signs You Need To Use Customer Flow Communication

10 Signs You Need To Use Customer Flow Communication

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Customer Flow Communication

Are you spending way too much time looking at unsubscribe lists, sending out boring email blasts that a monkey could do and most importantly, not generating new leads for your sales team?

Stumped at what you could do to turn things around?

Have you considered customer flow communication? You get the best of inbound marketing, marketing automation and multi-channel communication combined into one. That will impress the boss right?

You will get access to a stronger lead management process that will make your sales team give you weekly Gatorade showers.

Here are some of the common signs that you need to go beyond just email blasts and start using a more personalized approach to your marketing messages.

10 signs you need to use customer flow communication.

1. This is how you picture successful targeting.

Marketing automation targeting

2. You want to stop doing repetitive and manual tasks.

manually doing marketing

3. The sales team does this when they see you coming.

sales team

4. The sales team does this when you leave.

sales team celebrating

5. How you picture a nurturing campaign working.

nurturing campaign

6. Your boss asks how marketing is doing and you don't know.

boss asks employee

7. How your customers react when they get your poorly timed messages.

customers react to marketing automation

8. You are constantly losing out to your competition.

Beating the competition

9. Your idea of what marketing automation is.

marketing automation

10. How you want to be remembered at your company.

winning campaigns

So, now do you see why you need customer flow communication to help you reach your intended audience automatically?

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