13 New Online Marketing Features for Friday the 13th

13 New Online Marketing Features for Friday the 13th

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Yesterday our team released the latest version of SimplyCast (7.2 for those scoring) and it is chalk full of new features and updates. We are not sure if it was planned or not but seeing as how fast they were moving, they did not want to push it live on Friday the 13th.

Sure, there are no superstitious ones on our crew, but still, why mess with such a creepy day. So in honor of the newest release and it being Friday the 13th, here are the top 13 features added to SimplyCast's all-in-one marketing tool.

1. Facebook marketing application (in beta) - We have been so excited to launch this tool for months. Basically, now you can use Facebook as a distribution channel for your campaigns. The beta release offers auto-posting, adding a signup form to your page, adding an online survey and setting up an event. (Facebook)

2. New and improved Create from URL option that uploads images from the site to your image folder and applies styles from external stylesheets. (Email app)

3. Receive an email notification when subscribers are added to, removed from, or change their information on your list. (Email app)

4. Send a message to invited subscribers that did not respond, or send a message to confirmed attendees. (Event app)

5. Choose a ticket option which allows a particular type ticket to not count towards the limit. (Event app)

6. Option to host your event on a subdomain (eg yourevent.eventcast.com). (Event app)

7. Spam Checker button that scans your email content and alerts you to any problems. (Email app)

8. RSS to Email (add rss feed items to your HTML email project). (Email app)

9. When viewing your email on the web view, people will be able to leave comments via Facebook. (Email app)

10. LinkedIn integration (auto-post to your LinkedIn account). (Email app)

11. More in-depth bounce reporting. (Email app)

12. Allow attendees to register multiple times for events if they are signing up for a free event, or after their PayPal payment has been completed. (Event app)

13. SMS option for distributing your event invitations. (Event app)

To read all of the added features to version 7.2, please sign up/login to your account and view the message center. Happy Friday the 13th!

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