15 Ways to Make Sure Your Emails are Delivered Every Time

15 Ways to Make Sure Your Emails are Delivered Every Time

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Make Sure Your Emails are Delivered

Without having your emails delivered every single time defeats the entire purpose of email marketing, in the first place. Emails lost in the cyberspace or placed in a junk folder timeout chair absolutely do not convert clicks to sales or attract new customers.

No, those emails just sit there for eternity without any attention.

So, to avoid this horrible and painful demise, and to make sure that your emails reach their intended source every time, implement these tips.

1. Never use spammer words like free, win, sex, discount, click, opportunity in any part of your email including the subject line.

2. Include the date that you're sending the email in the body.

3. Mind your grammatical manners and never use ALL CAPS or excessive !!!!

4. Only use the most necessary and critical images, your logo, for example, and scrap the rest.

5. Ensure that you double checked with your subscribers that you can send emails to them.

6. Personalize. Every time.

7. Mind your call-to-action and keep your focus squarely on it and avoid being scatterbrained in your content.

8. Flush out bad and incorrect email addresses from your list and…

9. Always delete any unsubscribes as they come in; otherwise, you're just pissing people off and risking being reported as a spammer.

10. Make sure you know how your emails function in all of the top email programs (Gmail and the like); you'll spot problems quickly and ensure deliverability.

11. Don't test your subscribers' patience: send emails regularly, but not so frequently that you're acting like that sleazy dude, hanging out the corner of the bar and hitting on everything that moves.

12. Are you blacklisted? Check to see if you are every time you're about to send out a new newsletter.

13. Spammers never include unsubscribe options, so do it.

14. Spammers, also, never include options for subscribers to change and update their email preferences (frequency and type, for example).

15. Spammers never include the chance to view their emails as HTML or web, so do that too.

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