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Without tracking every single link (click) in your email marketing newsletters, you will never learn what is working in your marketing campaigns.

Beyond analyzing open and bounce rates, these links will provide a 360-degree view of how your subscribers are interacting (or not!) with your emails.

These suggestions are comprehensive and are entirely customizable for your particular needs.

16 links you should track:

1. Home Page

2. Targeted Landing Pages (IE: "Shop Now!" or "Find a Store")

3. Having trouble viewing this email?

4. Embedded or printable coupons

5. PDF downloads (IE: White papers)

6. Video (IE: Webinars or advertisements)

7. Articles (IE: "

8. Forward to a Friend

9. Unsubscribe

10. HTML or text only version

11. View on mobile device

12. "Follow Us" on Twitter

13. "Find Us" on Facebook

14. Email Preferences

15. Privacy Policy

16. Customer service assistance: email or live chat

To easily track the above mentioned links, use SimplyCast's link tracking service and get detailed reports on who is clicking your content. Try it for free today!



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