17 of the Very Best SMS Marketing Tips Ever

17 of the Very Best SMS Marketing Tips Ever


SMS is the marketing wave of the future. As smart phone usage increases and more people are conducting all sorts of business on their mobile devices, it's a logical step to incorporate SMS into your overall marketing strategy. Ready to start? Here are 17 effective tips to help you achieve the best results.

1. Always use a double opt-in procedure for SMS.

2. If you need to use txt shorthand, then you need to rewrite your message.

3. Send SMS less frequently than your email marketing campaign (if you send emails three times a week, send SMS once).

4. Cross-promote your SMS campaign in your email marketing, website, and social media pages.

5. Don't include graphics or images, just text.

6. Streamline communication: "TXT STOP to unsubscribe" or "TXT HELP for customer support".

7. Offer a gift for signing up – discount, free product sample, ebook.

8. Try including a scannable coupon that can be redeemed at your physical stores.

9. Include a forwarding option in your messages.

10. Encourage more subscribers by offering an immediate discount upon sign up.

11. Personalize each message.

12. Let your customers know that you're not going to sell or exploit their cell number.

13. In your privacy statement, let your customers know that their mobile provider may charge them for sending and receiving texts.

14. Conduct a short SMS poll.

15. Keep your SMS marketing campaign focused on one message.

16. Don't use all of the character spacing in your messages – you're taking away space for customers to forward and include their own message.

17. Shortcodes needs to be easy and relevant to your company.

Have any other tips that we did not mention? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook.

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