2 Essential Ways to Do Art Marketing Online

2 Essential Ways to Do Art Marketing Online

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Art Marketing Online

 If you're an independent artist, how do you do your art marketing? How do you gain fans and sell your pieces? Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by the task of trying to create all your art then go to work promoting it? We have a few tips to keep you organized and effective while you're marketing your art. These strategies are designed to be time-saving and simple to implement.

1.) Ensure that you have a website and a simple way for people to buy your art

If it is difficult to find your art online or it is difficult to make a purchase, your business will suffer. Create a website that showcases your art and is simple for visitors to navigate around.

Ideally, you want people to be able to purchase your art directly from your website if possible. If this is not possible, be sure to have prominent links to online locations where people can purchase your art. If you only enable people to purchase art directly from your shop in person, you are limiting your audience and consequently your revenue.

Have a section on your website where you post your reviews and press news. If someone writes about your art or says something great about a piece that they bought, ask them for permission to post it on your site. This is great publicity and gets visitors excited and interested.

2.) Promote your art on social media

Your website is a professional, stable place to market your art and offer it for sale. Social media, however, is more dynamic. You can easily change your social media content frequently and you can reach a much wider audience that you might never have been able to otherwise.

Social media marketing can be easily automated with a social media management solution. You create social media posts and schedule them to post over time. This way, you don't have to manually update your social media pages every day, which is a big time waster. The social media management solution posts messages exactly as you specify and it does it all automatically.

What types of scheduled content should you create? Well, you still want the focus to be on your art. But social media should have a wider scope than that of your website. Social media is meant to be interactive and the idea is to get people to engage with your content.

Tell people the story behind each piece you are marketing. This creates a connection between your art and the viewer. Make videos of yourself creating the art piece. Film friends' reactions to seeing the completed art piece for the first time. All these things are great for posting to your social media pages.

Post pictures and videos of your art. Post links to your website or the online location where people can purchase your art. When you market your art, it's precious to you so you want to charge what it's worth. But you need to remember that selling art is similar to selling any other kind of commodity. Contests and coupons, therefore, are highly effective when you're marketing your art, especially on social media.

Run contests like "Win this piece of art!" or "Win a visit to the artist's studio to see the artist at work!" Ask people to share your post or add a comment for a chance to win. This type of contest builds awareness and makes it likely that visitors to your social media pages will share your content. This grows your audience and gets more people involved. You can also offer limited time discounts and coupons to encourage people to take advantage of an offer on a specific art piece that you are trying to move.

Involved in any local art organizations or community events? Many people like to know that they are supporting artists who are contributing to their local community.

Automate parts of your art marketing

Automating parts of your art marketing such as your social media management saves you time and money, especially as an independent artist. If you are the only one promoting your art, you need all the time you can get. Automation gives you extra time while making the most of your budget. Sign up for a 14 day free trial of our automated art marketing solution. Our team is always here to give you a demo to get you acquainted with how our solution works and show you how you can use automation to better connect with your art fans.

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