Sports Marketing Statistics: What These Mean to You

Sports Marketing Statistics: What These Mean to You

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Sports Marketing Statistics

You have a sports marketing strategy, but are you really connecting with your fans? We have some sports marketing statistics that might surprise you. They may even make you rethink your marketing strategy. With an automated marketing solution, you can engage fans on multiple channels of communication. This enables you to maintain brand consistency for your team and reach a much wider audience.

Check Out These Sports Marketing Statistics

1. 83% of fans check sport social media while watching the game on TV and 63% of fans head to sport social media while they are in the actual stadium. If you're not engaging with your social media audience (or if you don't have a social media presence) you are missing out on a huge marketing opportunity.

Take advantage of all the social media activity surrounding your sport. Create social media interaction with your fans. Post exciting content that is likely to be shared, commented on, liked and retweeted. Pictures and videos are popular, and contest posts also receive high levels of engagement. Share news about your team and about the sports industry. Also, make sure to respond to your fans on social media! It's a two-way street, and you can't simply broadcast your own marketing messages all the time.

2. 82% of adults now use cell phones. Pew Research found that the most common use for cell phone apps is for taking pictures, closely followed by text messaging. Most cell phones have internet access, and most cell phone users are frequently taking pictures and texting. Having a comprehensive mobile sports marketing strategy is essential.

All those pictures that your fans are taking of themselves can be used for marketing purposes! Hold contests and ask fans to send in pictures of themselves at the game or dressed up in their team jersey. Whoever has the best picture wins two free tickets to the next game, a coupon for merchandise or a chance to meet their favorite player.

Text messages are usually opened within five minutes of being received, making them a very quick and effective marketing tool. Send out automated text messages to fans who have signed up. These can be fan contests, game day reminders, coupons and so on. Text messages engage your fans and keep them connected with the team even when they can't be at the game.

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Take advantage of these sports marketing statistics! Contact our sales team to learn more about how marketing automation can help your marketing and communication. Then sign up for a free 14-day trial so you can see if our marketing solution is right for your needs.

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