20 Reasons to Love SimplyCast's Email Marketing Software

20 Reasons to Love SimplyCast's Email Marketing Software

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Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Today is a day to celebrate and show some love towards those in your life.

In honor of this day of hearts, chocolate, and flowers, we are going to turn our affection on our email marketing software. Now, you are thinking, how is email marketing software romantic? Well, you got us there.

But we want to shine a light on the Top 20 reasons to love SimplyCast's email marketing software.

While you may not be looking to us to spoil your significant other, you will want the power of our marketing tools to help grow your business.

Email marketing is perfect for generating new leads, nurturing those on the fence about your product and finally converting them into new sales.

All we ask is you wait until the end of the list before signing up for your 100% free account.

20 Reasons To Love SimplyCast's Email Marketing Software (in no particular order)

1. Very easy to use.

We pride ourselves on making marketing tools that anyone can use within minutes. You don't need a degree in programming or even a background in design to make beautiful and engaging email newsletters. Take a look at our Simple Editor and you will see just how user-friendly the software is.

2. Available in 10+ languages.

Regardless of where you live, we feel pretty confident we provide our email marketing software in a language you speak. With one click, you can have the entire marketing tool translated and ready for use. Currently, the languages offered are English, Simplified Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Arabic, Spanish and Turkish.

3. Multi-user friendly with multi-user accounts.

Have a team working on your email marketing campaigns and want to split up the responsibilities? No problem. You can create multi-user accounts that offer different permission levels for each person. This is ideal for enterprise companies who would have offices or teams covering several locations. Keeping things organized and centralized is key. Especially so when several people have their hands in the cookie jar so-to-speak.

4. Free HTML templates.

Like we mentioned, you don't need programming or design skills. To cover that, we provide pre-made HTML templates covering many categories and styles. For every holiday of the year, we also add new templates for your email newsletters. That being said, if you do want to import your own design, you can do that to.

5. A/B split testing.

For those who really want to optimize their email newsletters, you can take advantage of our A/B split testing feature. This helps narrow down or rule out what is working or not working. It allows you to try different variables and track which works better with clients. The best part, the software automates it all once you enter your content.

6. Real-time reporting.

The bread and butter of any email marketing campaign is in the results. You can't know if you are succeeding (or failing) without hard data. Our real-time reports track all the high-level details you need to know when it comes to each newsletter you send. This can include opens, unsubscribes and links clicked. You will also have everything summed up in nice looking charts and graphs that are very boss friendly.

7. Segmentation

Once you build up a large list of contacts, you will want to segment your list into more targeted campaigns. With segmentation, each different category gets its own specific email, targeted to address customers' unique needs. This gives an impression of caring and consideration that clients react well to, making your marketing efforts more likely to trigger a positive response.

8. Different data storage options

Currently, SimplyCast offers American or Canadian data storage. This will really depend of where your organization is located and what kind of permissions you want importantly, want to avoid. On sign up, you can create an account that is 100% Canadian, which includes billing and specific country permission laws.

9. Social media integration.

Everything is social media now. Sharing, liking, pinning and tweeting. So it is natural to want to have your email newsletter shareable on social sites. Our email marketing tool does that and more. Not only do we make it easy to add what social sites you want your readers to share your newsletter to, we also make it easy to automate the posting of your newsletter to Twitter, Facebook, and many other sites. If you can click a box, you can share your content.

10. Awesome support.

If you have used SimplyCast, you probably know our support team is on the ball. We offer phone, email, chat and even Twitter support. If you need a hand with your account, a campaign or even want to make a feature request, we are there. After all, our team is here to help you grow your business.

11. CRM integrations

Client data is vital to successful email marketing and with SimplyCast, it does not matter where you gather and store that data because we are integrated with a number of the top CRM solutions. SimplyCast has integrated with Salesforce, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, NetSuite, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho CRM, Oracle, Capsule and Solve 360.

12. Resources for learning

Nobody is born an email marketer. It is all about learning. We provide blog posts, articles, whitepapers and tutorials that cover every possible topic when it comes to email marketing. To be a successful email marketer, understanding best practices are a must.

13. Control of your sending reputation

When you become a client of SimplyCast and use the email marketing software, deliverability is a major concern. That is why we allow you to control your own destiny so-to-speak. By this, we mean a dedicated IP address. When on your own IP, you and only you control your sending reputation.

14. Easy scheduling

After you have created an email newsletter, you have the option to send right away or schedule a time. You pick the day and time and then our system sends the campaign at that time. This is handy if you like to send your mailings at the same time each week. It even allows you to plan ahead.

15. Image hosting.

No need to worry where to host the images for your newsletters, we take care of that. Images and files can be uploaded and used within all of your emails for free and our image gallery makes it easy for you to organize and track your file library. Hosting images yourself could lead to problems if your server is slow or not working at the time when you send your email.

16. Email client rendering.

You may not be aware of this but your email can look different in various email clients. Make sure your message looks how you want it to no matter who is opening it with our email client rendering feature. Our team stays up to date on all email clients and what it takes for your email to look perfect in each.

17. A final cross-check

Before your email is published, we offer a final step that checks over your entire campaign and account details to make sure everything is clear for launch. Suggestions are made as well as what part of your campaign could use a second look. Once all the arrows are green, you are good to go.

18. Dedicated compliance team.

If we can't deliver your message, we would not be here. Our compliance and deliverability team go above and beyond to make sure everything is optimized for sending. We understand a lot of factors play into readers opening your emails or not but it is our job to make sure as many messages as possible get to the inbox, and on time.

19. A reseller program

You can earn extra revenue for your company by taking our email marketing technology and re-branding it as your own. Marketing companies from all over the globe use our solution and now you can localize the software for us, and earn income. Learn more about becoming a SimplyCast reseller today.

20. Just one or 15 marketing tools

Email marketing is just one of the 15 marketing tools included in the SimplyCast platform. The combinations for a full marketing campaign are endless. Use SMS marketing, Twitter marketing, online surveys, web forms, voice broadcasts and more to enhance your email marketing messages. With SimplyCast, we make it simple to reach clients no matter what medium they use.

There you have it, 20 reasons to love SimplyCast's email marketing software.

Now you can sign up for a 100% free account that allows you to send 30,000 emails to 2,000 contacts, every month for free

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