3 of the Most Essential Automotive Social Media Aspects

3 of the Most Essential Automotive Social Media Aspects

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 Automotive Social Media

Your automotive social media content needs to be consistent with your other marketing and advertising efforts. Yes, social media is an important part of your automotive marketing strategy, but if you're not integrating it with the rest of your marketing it will not see much success or customer engagement.

You also need to present a consistent brand on social media and elsewhere, in order to make your brand more recognizable to customers. In addition to being consistent, however, you need to post diverse social media marketing content. How can your automotive dealership be consistent and diverse at the same time? Read on.

Brand Consistency

This is one of the most effective ways of making your automotive brand memorable and maintaining a lasting connection with customers. Include your automotive dealership logo and tagline everywhere (including your social media pages), use signature colors and fonts, simple marketing messages and so on. Consistency also entails creating a style of language and terminology that is repeated throughout your automotive marketing messages. If you maintain brand consistency, your automotive dealership brand will be instantly recognizable to customers, so they will associate your brand with automotive knowledge and authority.

Automotive social media marketing is a big part of maintaining consistent branding. Consistency also involves posting on your social media pages on a regular schedule and sending your email marketing newsletters and text message marketing promotions at a consistent time. This makes it easier for customers to expect your messages and helps build trust in your automotive brand. Marketing automation can save you a lot of time here.

Cross Promotion

If you put up an automotive billboard, underneath the main message it should say "Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for exclusive promotions!" or something similar to help attract visitors to your social media pages. Your automotive social media pages should have signup forms for your email marketing newsletter and text message marketing campaigns. Your email marketing newsletter should have social media sharing icons so customers can click a button and share the newsletter on social media, increasing your exposure. And so on.

The point is not to lead customers around in a circle, but rather to engage them in many different ways with new information and recurring marketing information. This process builds customer loyalty and interaction, and helps make your automotive dealership stand out to customers. "Hey, I'm seeing this dealership everywhere and they're giving me some really knowledgeable automotive information and great promotions... I'd better check them out!"

Post Diverse Content

It may be simple enough to maintain a consistent brand and cross-promote your social media marketing with your other marketing efforts, but posting diverse content on social media is often the most challenging aspect for automotive dealerships that maintain social media pages. It is essential to engage your customers on social media. Social media is all about interaction. If visitors are not interacting with your automotive social media content, it defeats the purpose of having a social media page.

It's not actually difficult to post diverse automotive content on your social media pages but you just need to put in the work to find it. With an automated social media solution, you can easily create hundreds of automotive posts in advance and schedule them to post at different times so you don't have to manually update your social media pages every day. Diverse social media marketing content can include pictures, videos and other visual material, short messages to customers, contests, surveys, links to useful automotive information and current automotive industry news or trends, automotive safety and maintenance tips, special promotions, advertising info and more. Create a schedule of different types of social media posts that will go out each day. If you have an automated automotive marketing solution, it's simple and it doesn't take much time at all.

Post real customer reviews on your social media pages. Customer reviews of your service, staff or products are very engaging to visitors to your social media pages. Reviews help you build trust with potential new customers. Customers always trust other customers' information more than dealerships' information. If you have positive customer reviews, share them far and wide on social media!

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