3 Healthcare Marketing Challenges & Solutions

3 Healthcare Marketing Challenges & Solutions

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Healthcare Marketing Challenges

 Healthcare marketing challenges often put a barrier between organizations and the creation of successful marketing campaigns on rapidly changing communication mediums. Automated marketing can help your healthcare practice save time and effectively reach patients but first, you must understand some common roadblocks and challenges.

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We are going to examine three of the most common healthcare marketing challenges in today's online world and present solutions that can be implemented using an all-in-one healthcare marketing solution.

Get Started Solving Healthcare Marketing Challenges

Challenge: While many industries are already familiar with online marketing automation, and are already using it successfully, the healthcare industry has been left behind. Many healthcare practices still do not use online marketing and instead rely on word of mouth testimonials and other conventional healthcare advertising methods. Yet online marketing is a huge and undeniable opportunity to reach new patients and grow your healthcare practice.

Solution: It's never too late to start taking advantage of online marketing healthcare. Automated healthcare marketing solutions are designed to be easy to use for users who do not have technical knowledge. Most automated marketing solutions offer a free trial so you can test it and see if it is right for your healthcare marketing needs. Online healthcare marketing solutions also provide educational resources like video tutorials, FAQs, white papers, articles and a dedicated customer support staff.

Targeting Patients Personally

Challenge: Online marketing now uses a wealth of data to target each individual consumer. It is no longer enough to advertise to the masses. It is now essential, and expected, to market your healthcare services to meet patients' needs on a targeted individual basis. But how can you use all that data to personalize your marketing efforts without spending all your time organizing and preparing messages?

Solution: Here is where a comprehensive automated healthcare marketing solution is invaluable. Marketing automation enables complete personalization for each of your patients and leads. Automatically target visitors to your social media sites based on age, gender and location. Automatically send personalized campaigns to each of your patients based on their medical history, consistent healthcare plan, allergies and other stored data. Automatically send reminders when it's time for an appointment. This type of personalized healthcare communication builds loyalty and keeps your patients coming back.

Taking Advantage of Social Marketing

Challenge: Social media is now an essential space for connecting with consumers, and healthcare practices are beginning to use social marketing to reach out to their patients and potential patients. But social media marketing takes time if you don't have an automated marketing solution - making it one of the bigger healthcare marketing challenges. And how do you know what is working and what is not?

Solution: Automated social media marketing is sorely needed by many healthcare practices. Create posts ahead of time and schedule them to be automatically posted at unique times so they don't look too robotic. Educational and promotional information on social media draws in visitors and widens your exposure. An automated marketing solution also tracks each post and presents you with detailed analytics so you can see which posts received the most interaction. This way, you can learn what is the best time to schedule your posts, what is the most engaging healthcare content, who might be a hot patient lead and much more.

Try Free Automated Healthcare Marketing!

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