3 New Ways to do Book Promotion

3 New Ways to do Book Promotion

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Book Promotion

Readers now have more options than ever when it comes to selecting and purchasing new reading material. From libraries, book stores and online retailers, how can you make sure readers continue to come back to you for all their reading needs?

Marketing any form for publication is a competitive field. Take advantage of marketing automation to help you stand out and boost engagement with your readers.

Personalized Newsletters

Chances are you already have a newsletter for your publication marketing. Newsletters are a staple in online marketing because they deliver a lot of information to a lot of people. However, most recipients don't engage with newsletters because the content isn't personalized.

In order for readers to engage with your newsletter, you need to personalize each newsletter to each reader. By personalizing the content, you appeal to readers on an individual level. Marketing automation can store information on each reader, for example: the previous books they have purchased, and use that to tailor your newsletter to appeal to that reader.

Social Media

Social media is a great platform to promote books because it reaches so many people. Find new readers and engage current readers by having an active social media presence.

To engage readers you can have exclusive social media contests and promotions, Q&As with authors and informative posts related to books and publishing. All of these things engage readers because they get them involved with the material in an interactive way.

Marketing automation can help keep your social media presence consistent by posting on Facebook and Twitter for you. Just write the posts you want to go out and schedule them over a span of time. This saves you time and effort and leaves you with well-maintained social media accounts.


Are you hosting a book signing or an author reading? These events are a great way to get readers out and engaging in-person with your material. Use marketing automation to increase your audience at these events and keep events organized.

Promote and raise excitement on social media and in your newsletters weeks before the events. This gets readers thinking about the event and including it in their schedule. As the date gets closer, automatically collect RSVPs and send out event reminders. This keeps the event in readers' minds and increases the likelihood that the reader will attend the event.

Have an All-In-One Solution

Marketing automation will help you organize and personalize your communications with readers. Sign up for a 14-day free trial of our all-in-one book promotion solution and see how automation will boost engagement with your readers.

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