3 Reasons Email is Vital to Automotive Online Marketing

3 Reasons Email is Vital to Automotive Online Marketing

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Automotive Online Marketing

With all the promotion I've done lately about building, maintaining and using social media profiles, I have not covered email marketing as much. Make no mistake, though, email marketing is every bit as important. Email marketing does a lot that social media just can't. Here, I'll explore these possibilities with you, and by the end it will be clear that both email marketing and social media marketing have their place. Marketing automation over many channels is much more effective than single channels. Make your automotive online marketing really stand out, while also saving time and money.

1. One on one communication

Email allows you to send automated messages introducing an account manager, or giving customers important tips and tricks for their vehicle. In addition, it also allows for things like appointment reminders and thank you messages. These are all one on one communications, and they are personalized for each customer. Emails are also very cost-effective when compared with other forms of advertising.

2. Newsletters

Social media is great, but it's not where you'd put a monthly newsletter updating your customers on new policies and features. You can also use newsletters to celebrate successful staff, promote new deals, and detail special events for your automotive company. That is a longer document best suited to email marketing, and it can tie into contests or special mailing list offers. The newsletter is a powerful engagement tool, and something that is used to both keep customers involved with your business.

3. Target specific customers with unique deals

Emails will provide the best medium for sending out targeted promotions based on your automotive customers' preferences collected using surveys and browsing data. Email is versatile in this respect, and cost-efficient. This will save your automotive business money, and make your automotive marketing more effective.

These are just three of a huge number of reasons why email is such an efficient, effective tool. Yes, social media is also a versatile, effective tool. Yes, SMS is also a valid, effective and versatile tool. Each of them has their niche in the marketing world. Therefore, while I may promote one or the other at any given time, I would always suggest using them in tandem with a multi-channel marketing solution. To read more about what such a solution could do for you, check out our marketing automation page, and then our dedicated automotive page. We hope to see you soon!

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