SimplyCast Blog: 3 Reasons Your Company Needs Twitter Marketing

3 Reasons Your Company Needs Twitter Marketing


Twitter is everywhere. People are talking in 140-character blurbs and more importantly, starting to use it as the way to find new products and services. Is your company missing out by not having a voice on one of the biggest social stages? Why should you be adding Twitter marketing to the mix? Let us share with you three reasons.

3 Reasons Your Company Needs Twitter Marketing

1. Engage with potential customers

As mentioned, more and more people are searching for products and services on Twitter. Instead of Google or other search engines they are looking on their Twitter feed or basing it on a friend's feed. On top of that, it could just be accidental that your message shows up right when they are looking. Point is, if you are not on Twitter, nobody will know. By using a service such as ours, you can pre-write all of your tweets and schedule them for a week or several weeks. This can save a great deal of time for smaller organizations that can't delegate someone to manage a Twitter profile full time.

2. Grow your business by informing people about you company

The best way to get people to learn about your company and what you do, is to keep a steady stream of information flowing to readers. With Twitter marketing you can create a campaign that sends out frequent pieces of information that helps describe what your company is all about and what you offer. You can attach a link and give readers the option to seek out more information. This can be set up in minutes and will automatically do the work for you. Getting the word out is key for any business and with millions of eyes looking at Twitter, it is a no brainer for informing people.

3. Build brand loyalty with existing and potential customers 

One of the main benefits of marketing your company or product on Twitter is the branding aspect. Even if people do not engage with your message right away, it is a great way to brand your company. It adds that feeling of trust and makes you a legitimate company in the eyes of those on Twitter. If you are researching a product or service and you don't see them on Twitter, some will take that as a negative. Having a Twitter profile for your company gives your customers a new way to interact and express how they feel. Going forward, this trend will only continue to grow. Don't worry if people are not always clicking on your link or buying through a Twitter campaign. At the very least, all your work is having an affect in branding your business.

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We look forward to tweeting with you.

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