SimplyCast Blog: 3 Things You Should Never do on Twitter

3 Things You Should Never do on Twitter


Pretty much every facet online today is controlled by some form of etiquette. Twitter is no exception.

Like any other social media protocol, Twitter marketing etiquette grew organically along with the platform. As more users joined, it slowly became clear what the Twitterverse thinks is appropriate behavior and what isn't.

If you do any of these 3 things in your Twitter business account, you might as well delete your page and pack your bags.

1. Complain

Never, ever complain about everything or anything on Twitter. You sound petty, self-righteous, mean-spirited and ungrateful. All fantastic traits for a business Twitter account, right?

Unless you have a solution (or your company does), keep your mouth shut and those Tweets unwritten.

But, if you do have a solution, offer it up. Customers love to hear about how your magical product zaps away their problem.

2. Forget to Retweet or Mention (@)

Never, ever forget to share the ReTweeting or mentioning love with someone who did it for you. That's virtually a sacrilege in the Twittersphere.

Twitter is all about sharing the spotlight and often operates under the "If you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" pretense.

At the very core, Twitter is a community. And, with any community, there's always support and camaraderie among its citizens. Without either, the community fails.

3. Ask for a Retweet or Mention (@)

Never, ever ask anyone directly to Retweet your promotion or mention you to their followers. It's sad, pathetic, desperate and one hell of a terrible marketing strategy.

By asking for a Retweet, you're showing not only the Twitterverse but also the world that you have no friends and no one likes you.

People are naturally drawn and attracted to confidence, authority, and charisma.

If you act like the industry leader you'd like to be, your Twitter followers will spread your message without blinking an eye.

Now that you know what not to do, you are ready to start Tweeting for your business.

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