3 Tips for Facilitating Transportation Communication

3 Tips for Facilitating Transportation Communication

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Transportation Communication

Communicating with members of your transportation company, many of whom are out on the road all day, is no easy task. In order for the company to run smoothly, you need to know where your drivers are at all times and have a way to reach them in case of a change in plans or an emergency situation.

You also need a way to communicate effortlessly with your clients, letting them know when their packages arrive or whether there are any problems with their delivery.

Wouldn't it be easy if you could automate your messages and disseminate them whenever you needed with minimal maintenance?

Here are three tips to help make staying in contact with your employees and clients easier than ever with the help of SimplyCast's automation platform.

Consolidate drivers into separate lists within SimplyCast's built-in CRM

Facilitate sending emails and SMS messages to all your drivers by using a CRM to store all of their personal contact information. Sort these contacts into different lists depending on the type of information you will be sending them most. For example, you could have separate lists for your drivers based in particular states or provinces, or lists sorted by the type of freight your drivers are hauling.

In case of emergencies, keep all of your employees on one master list so you can send out messages and updates as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Create a landing page with a signup form for clients who want updates on package delivery

Instead of clients constantly calling your customer service line asking when their packages will be delivered, have them sign up to receive automated emails, texts, or phone calls (depending on their personal preferences) with timely updates as to their package's location and status.

Create a landing page with a signup form where your customers can enter their information and their consent to receive these updates. Ask them their preferred method of contact and you can start sending them messages as soon as the package hits the road.

Set up multiple campaigns to make sure recipients get the message

If there is ever a need for you to send an urgent, must-read message to your drivers, you can set up a campaign that will send the message via several different channels until they confirm their receipt.

Sending the message over as many channels as possible is the best way to ensure that everyone will receive the message in time. This is easily done with SimplyCast 360's easy-to-use software.

Interested in what marketing automation can do for your company? Sign up for a 14-day free trial and set up a test campaign.

Learn how to make the most of your trial by joining a free demo with our friendly customer care staff.

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