3 Unconventional Utility Customer Service Ideas

3 Unconventional Utility Customer Service Ideas

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Utility Customer Service Ideas

 Oh, utility customer service. Does it always have to be dry and boring? It is, of course, important to maintain professionalism with your customers. In order to truly engage your customers, however, you may want to make your customer service a bit more fun.

When you combine your daily customer service tasks with your marketing efforts you will build loyalty and boost customer satisfaction. Here are a few ways you can engage your customers while providing excellent service.

1. Hold an online customer survey with an incentive

A survey is one of the simplest and most effective ways to gain information from your customers. By providing an easy way for customers to submit their feedback, you show that your utility company values its customers. A survey enables you to learn how you can improve your utility services and increase customer satisfaction.

In order to make it worth it for customers to fill out the survey, provide an incentive that they will receive when they complete the survey. You can give customers a discount code that they can use for their next month's utility bill. You could also run a contest that gives the customer the chance to win cash, a trip, or a prize. Whatever the incentive is, advertise it on your social media pages and your website to get customers interested in taking the survey.

2. Provide personalized utility bill reminders

Everyone forgets bill payment dates once in a while. With an automated utility communication solution, automated reminders are sent out before each customer's bill is due. Reminders are sent by email, voicemail or text message, whichever the customer prefers.

Because the messages are sent automatically, you don't have to worry about adding more work to your day. With a friendly reminder, customers are more likely to pay their utility bills on time. This makes it simpler for your customers and your customer service staff.

3. Share video FAQs on your social media pages

Videos are one of the most popular and interactive forms of content on the internet. Not only do they engage your customers but they are also a great way to share information. A video is also a great way to get customers to stay on your site or social media page longer.

Create video FAQs that address a common customer issue. This could be something like "How do I update my utility account information?" or "Where do I sign up for online billing?" By creating a simple video FAQ, you save your customer service staff hours of explaining things to customers by phone.

On social media, videos are very likely to be shared, liked and commented on. This means that your content will reach a wide audience, which is great for your marketing.

Try an Automated Utility Customer Flow Communication Solution for Free

Our automated utility solution combines over 15 communication and marketing tools in a single easy to use platform. Sign up for a 14 day trial today. Our experts will be happy to give you a demonstration to help you learn more. Automation simplifies your customer communication and utility marketing, and makes it more personalized and effective.

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