How to Improve Insurance Business Marketing

How to Improve Insurance Business Marketing

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Insurance Business Marketing

The main aspect of how to improve insurance business marketing is all about connecting with your clients on a personal level. In order to make big insurance purchases, clients have to trust you. The more they trust you, the more likely they are to make an important purchase from you.

Whether it is life, home, or car insurance, clients have to feel like you have their best interests in mind. With new technologies, there are now more ways than ever to show you care about your client's interests. Use these marketing tips to show that you have your clients' interests in mind in the digital age.

How to Improve Insurance Business Marketing

Make the most of social media

Social media is an increasingly popular platform for communication. Most internet users have profiles on social media – namely Facebook and Twitter. Reach your clients on social media by creating profiles for your insurance company.

On your profiles, engage your clients by posting helpful tips and tricks about insurance. This information can include videos, whitepapers, any information that you are able to share with clients. By providing this information not only do you show that you have your clients' best interests in heart, you also establish yourself as an expert in the insurance field. This means clients are more apt to turn to you for information or to ask questions.

Connect with clients via SMS

Most SMS messages are opened within three minutes of being received. This makes SMS a great way to get short, important messages into the hands of your clients instantly. Try using SMS messaging to text appointment reminders to your clients. This keeps your clients on time for appointments and limits no-shows.

You can also use SMS messaging to send links to your clients. These links can contain information similar to what was mentioned above. But, take this one step further by sending clients information that is directly relevant to their insurance needs. By only sending links to personally relevant information you show a personal interest in each client.

Get the feedback you need

Feedback is important for you to receive and it is important for clients to give it. Clients want to feel like their voices are being heard. Feedback surveys are the perfect avenue for clients to give you their opinions. Create a survey and send it out after every appointment or interaction you have with a client. This allows them to give feedback at every stage, which allows you to improve at every stage. Surveys are a great way to encourage client engagement. Consider offering a small incentive so clients are even more inclined to complete your survey.

Have an all-in-one solution

All of these tasks and solutions will improve your client engagement and show that you have each client's best interests in mind. However, posting on social media, sending personalized SMS messages, and sending out surveys at every stage are time-consuming tasks to be done manually.

So, if you want to know how to improve insurance business marketing even further - use marketing automation. Our all-in-one insurance marketing solution allows you to automatically communicate with your clients. Sign up for a 14-day free trial and see what marketing automation can do for you and your insurance company.

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