3 Essential Ways to Reach Out to Your Nonprofit Community

3 Essential Ways to Reach Out to Your Nonprofit Community

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Reach Out to Your Nonprofit Community

How well do you know your supporters? Their age range, the way they prefer to donate, how much they give... What nonprofit organizations are discovering, more and more, is that their supporters come from a variety of age groups and like to donate through many different channels. It is now essential to take a multichannel approach to gathering donations. If you are contacting your supporters through mail and email only, you are not reaching out to large groups of donors who give through other ways. A multi-channel automated solution is the best way to reach the most potential supporters, while reducing your workload and your budget.

1. Supporters like to give through their mobile phones. Of all adults who own mobile phones, 73% of them text (Pew Internet Research, 2011). Text messaging is a quick, easy and personal way to reach out to donors. It is simple and convenient for people to donate through SMS, because they can press a few buttons and immediately show their support without taking more than a minute or so out of their day. Most text messages are opened within five minutes of being sent, so your donation message is very likely to be read.

2. Email is a great way to acquire donations. Members of your nonprofit community in their 30s and above feel comfortable contributing through email. Email is a direct and secure way to make donations, and you can include links to your website or other sites that are relevant to your cause.Donors in their 30s and 40s like to give through email, websites and their mobile phones. It is important to offer multiple ways to donate to your cause, because different ways will be convenient for different people. Of course, you should include an easy "Click Here to Donate!" option on your website, but there are many other easy ways to reach out.

3. Social media is a key method that is increasingly used for donation campaigns, yet it is also a method which is often ignored. 72% of adults who are active online use social media websites (Pew Internet Research, 2013). By providing ways to donate through your Facebook and Twitter pages, you will reach a whole new audience. It is easy for your social media friends and followers to share your donation messages with their social media contacts, to increase the number of potential donors who will see the message. So how do you organize and manage all the different channels that you wish to use to gain donations? The SimplyCast 360 multi-channel automated solution allows you to manage multiple communication channels such as email, SMS, social media and even voicemail (which can be used successfully for older donors who do not have computer access) from one integrated account. You can create and send messages easily, and the solution can automatically send your donors messages based on their personal preferences and past actions. This allows you to reach all the different age groups on their preferred mode of communication. 

With a single click, you can send messages to all your supporters or only specific groups and automatically post your messages on social media. The solution is designed to save time and allows you to run a highly complex and successful donation campaign on a small budget. We offer a significant discount to nonprofit organizationsContact the SimplyCast sales team today to discuss your organization's requirements.

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