3 Ways Universities Need to Interact and How to Do It

3 Ways Universities Need to Interact and How to Do It

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3 Ways Universities Need to be Interacting

Universities and other educational institutions need to reach out to thousands of part-time and full-time students throughout the school year, and attract new potential students all year round. It is important to have a comprehensive communication and marketing plan, but how do staff members send messages, follow up with students who have paid or not paid for tuition, promote their universities on social media and much more with limited time and resources?

SimplyCast 360 is an all-in-one solution, which is affordable, easy to use and requires no special technical skills. It helps you create and send messages and automatically manage your social media accounts. It is designed to improve communication while dramatically reducing manual tasks.

1. Reach Out to New Students: Facebook and Twitter are highly effective ways to spread your messages and promote your university to a wide audience. Current students love to connect through social media and share where they attend school, and they help to attract new friends and students to your university.

You can provide simple signup forms on your social media pages as well as your website to allow potential new students to provide their contact information so they can receive information on courses, open campus events and more.

This allows you to gather new contact data and connect with the next generation of students. Potential students can select how they prefer to be contacted and which courses they are interested in, and they will automatically receive information packages and updates without you having to manually contact them.

2. Stay Connected with Current Students: You want to ensure that current students are informed and satisfied, so they remain engaged with the university and are less likely to transfer. There are many ways to reach out automatically. With one click, you can quickly send messages by email, SMS or voicemail to all your students.• Send weather alerts, class cancellation notices, campus event notices, tuition payment reminders or date/time reminders for important assemblies.

Multi-user accounts allow different groups of staff and students (for example, the student union or the Registrar's Office) to work on different projects through a single university account, to maintain a consistent brand while allowing different levels of permissions to different groups.

3. Engage Families and Parents: Parents or other family members are often involved in helping students pay their tuition, and are generally interested in what is happening with the education that their child is receiving. Family members want to stay connected, so send them automatic monthly emails with campus news, exciting upcoming events and tuition payment and dorm room deadlines.

Hosting a campus dinner or other event where students are encouraged to bring family and friends? Create an event, and send invitations and reminders to family and other guests. Each event has its own automatically generated landing page with information and event details that guests can view. All RSVPs are sent to the email address of your choice, so you always know how many guests to expect.

Contact the SimplyCast sales team today to discuss a solution that works for your needs.

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