Introducing SimplyCast's 360 Customer Flow Platform

Introducing SimplyCast's 360 Customer Flow Platform

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 Customer Flow Communication Platform

Today is a big day for the team at SimplyCast. After a lot of hard work, we are finally showing off our new website.

Why a newly designed website? Well, glad you asked.

Today we are introducing a new way to engage with your audience which means a new way of thinking when it comes to traditional marketing.

The new category and strategy is called Customer Flow Communication and we have the one-of-a-kind product to go with it. Sounds cool right?

So many businesses use a single form of marketing to reach their clients but the time has come where that won't do the job anymore. You need to use some marketing automation, some inbound marketing and some trigger-based interactive communication to truly please everyone.

Earlier today, we published a press release explaining everything you need to know about what customer flow communication is and why your organization needs to adopt it going forward.

Here is a blurb.

Customer flow communication is a newly formed category that inherently combines marketing automation, inbound marketing and interactive communication into one powerful platform of online tools. Now all organizations, no matter the size, can move towards cutting through the amount of noise that audiences receive on a daily basis by using a more personalized communication approach. Instead of bombarding contact lists with poorly timed marketing messages, users can now empower those same contacts to digest messages on their own terms.

With the new website comes a lot of education and examples of how organizations of any size can use SimplyCast's 360 Customer Flow Communication Platform to personalize messaging at the right time for a particular audience.

There is so much more to come with the launch of a new website and new category but we wanted to get the news out to you today.

Check out the front page of the website and watch the video that is featured. It will explain everything in less than a minute.

Stay tuned for more videos, more case studies and more examples on how customer flow communication will work for your company.

We are pretty excited about this launch and announcement and we can't wait to hear what you have to say.

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