Creative Recruiting Methods to Find the Best Talent

Creative Recruiting Methods to Find the Best Talent

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Creative Recruiting Methods

Recruiting can be tough on recruiters and applicants. You get flooded with resumes that don't have what you're looking for in a position and calls from companies who are waiting for suitable candidates. In addition, you will often get people who are qualified but lack passion and drive in the field or are otherwise a poor fit for a particular workplace and culture. So how do you ensure that you get applicants with all the necessary skills and traits? One way is to get more creative with your recruiting methods. Here are a few creative recruiting methods that you can give your recruiting routine a welcome jolt out of the norm. You'll find many more online, but these are my personal favorite creative recruiting strategies.

1. Handpick dream candidates.

Reach out in a way that shows you're willing to go out of your way to capture their attention. A good example of this is listed in The Escapist Magazine and again in Businessweek. They wrote about an instance where Red 5 Studios, a video game development studio, hand picked 100 persons ideally qualified for the work and sent them each an iPod loaded with a welcome from the CEO. This tactic was surprisingly effective. More than 90 persons responded, three left current jobs to join Red 5, and many more potential applicants discovered them via word-of-mouth. Making a personal gesture to people can be very effective.

2. Look for talent in unusual places.

The director of talent acquisition at Quicken Loans told New York Times about an instance where his recruiters blitzed retail stores and restaurants looking for employees and managers who stood out by virtue of their energy and passion. They did this by shopping or purchasing food, to trigger employee interactions. Where can you find people with the right attitude? The cost of training will be worth the return.

3. Reach out to your customer base.

Video game companies do it all the time. So do web sites, and web based companies. Often you'll find that particularly creative customers have great ideas. Sending out regular emails checking interest in positions would be incredibly useful. Tell your customers that you are in fact looking for the next great one.

4. Blog about the creative recruiting experience.

If companies like Google and Microsoft do it and you can too. This process can boost the number of applicants and give you a stronger web presence in addition. You can also run a social media page with automated updates and reminders that you're hiring.

These are just a few tips, and you can find even more online. Creative recruiting is on the rise and the rules are changing thanks to creative and innovative companies. Try tasking your office staff to brainstorm ideas as to how to reach out to people in new ways and see what they come up with. Maybe you'll be the next company making headlines and changing the game with innovative solutions.

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