4 Email Opt In Tips: What Makes People Opt In?

4 Email Opt In Tips: What Makes People Opt In?

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Email Opt In Tips

 Subscribers can be fickle. It is essential to have a list of email opt-in marketing subscribers to pull off successful email campaigns. Once they have opted in, however, they sometimes forget that they signed up and they wonder why they are receiving your email marketing newsletters. This is more common than it sounds. Many people receive so many daily emails that they cannot remember which ones they signed up for and which ones are spam. If this happens, a subscriber may report your company for spam marketing or may simply opt out.

And then there are subscribers who simply check out a few emails then decide to opt out because they are not interested. With so many emails fighting for attention in the inbox, you need to not only hook in your subscribers with a great subject line, but also hold them with quality content.

1. Make sure you email marketing newsletter is the one subscribers look forward to opening. How? Provide value that they can't get anywhere else. Why did your subscribers opt in in the first place? If you promised exclusive deals or information then make sure you deliver! If a subscriber consistently finds what they want when they open your emails, they will remain engaged.

And it doesn't have to be a coupon or discount. Your email marketing newsletters can instead provide the gift of knowledge. One of my favorite emails to open, for example, provides lists of great seasonal ideas, such as "10 Unconventional Valentine's Day Ideas." Yes, it is a marketing email, but it is always relevant and offers lots of great ideas that you can actually use.

2. Ensure that each email is relevant and up to date. Your emails should pick up on current trends, mention hot topic consumer issues, or show that your products or services offer solutions for a common problem. Half the battle of marketing is just engaging with the customer in a real, meaningful way. If you can show through your emails that your company is engaged with current market trends and up to date with popular issues, you will truly connect with your subscribers.

It's a great idea to use customer feedback to help you stay up to date with your customers' current needs and issues. Consider: "Many of our customers let us know that they were having difficulty moving their music playlist from one folder to another. To make things easier, we have added a button that allows you to move any of your playlists with a single click. Thanks for the suggestions!" By summing up a recent solution in your email, subscribers know you are listening to them and that you are actively engaged in helping them out.

3. Personalize! People connect with people, and including customer success stories or having a featured customer question with an informative answer will draw your subscribers in. If you want to feature a specific customer, ask them for permission to use their name and even see if you can get a picture from them. Including an actual customer's story or question helps your subscribers to remain engaged and excited about your emails, rather than thinking of them as boring marketing emails that are just focused on advertising and selling.

4. Don't go crazy with the marketing emails after someone opts in. Yes, they have provided you with their email address, but if you start sending them too many emails they will opt out just as quickly. Create a sense of respect and trust. Send a consistent number of emails per month, at a consistent time and day, and don't overdo it.

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