SimplyCast Blog: 4 Quick Twitter Tips for Hospitality Marketing Strategies

4 Quick Twitter Tips for Hospitality Marketing Strategies

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Quick Twitter Tips

When it comes to your hospitality marketing strategy, social media is a powerful marketing tool -  but many people don't know how to harness it properly. In this instance, we're looking specifically at Twitter. People make up hashtags all the time. They post content literally all the time. If one business isn't tweeting, another is. Here are the top four suggestions to improve your hospitality marketing strategy using Twitter.

1. Use popular hashtags.

Special days like #TravelTuesday, and #ThrowbackThursday can be of particular use to you. Another popular hashtag that could be highly useful is #TTOT (Travel Talk on Twitter). By following things like this and keeping your finger on the pulse of social media trends, you have opportunities for engaging prospective clients and gaining visibility. Comment on travel conversations held on Twitter by prolific travel bloggers like @TravelDudes and @TravelingEditor, or post historical photos of your hospitality business on Throwback Thursday. These things will make you appear up to date, raise your profile, and show you engaging with prospective clients.

2. Follow local businesses.

Follow other businesses in the area. A local attraction or other business might offer a special deal or host a special event. If you know about the events, you can retweet the relevant posts. This a great addition to any local hospitality marketing strategy as it will allow you to create a picture of what your area has to offer, enticing people to stay with you and experience these things. It also builds your relationship with other businesses in the area, opening new doors and opportunities.

3. Ask questions.

Think of Twitter as a giant 24-hour focus group that can't help but see things from a customer's viewpoint. You can crowdsource as many opinions as you want, and ask for their advice both on changes you're making and on travel which is a great addition to all of your hospitality marketing strategies. The travel advice can then be passed on to other travelers who come through the area. Using the knowledge and the opinions of your customer base has a powerful potential for customer interaction and a customer-friendly establishment.

4. Hold contests

Contests, trivia questions, and other posts like this will boost interaction between followers, prospective followers and your establishment, as well as allow you to gather information. For example, assume that a restaurant held a contest for their favorite drink or meal. The suggestions that come in could lead to a hot new menu item, and also give you future info you can use in your social media posts. So you grow your visibility, your potential customer pool, your social media campaigns and your knowledge of popular meals all in one contest - all of your hospitality marketing strategies can benefit from that!

Boost Your Hospitality Marketing Strategy

These are just the tip of the iceberg so to speak, and I'm sure you'll see more Twitter tips in the future. For now, try putting these into practice and see how it changes your hospitality marketing strategies. Don't forget to look up what marketing automation can to do help you, as well as checking out our hospitality page!

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