4 Problems of Affiliate Marketing and How to Avoid Them

4 Problems of Affiliate Marketing and How to Avoid Them

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Every marketing strategy is laced with issues, and affiliate marketing isn't any different. In order to succeed, affiliate marketers need to understand what these problems are and what safeguards are in place so that their efforts don't fall victim to the problems.

With affiliate marketing, it's the assumptions that can kill any fledgling campaign.

So here are the top 5 assumptions and what to do to avoid them.

1. Assuming that people will just click links

By just having the links posted doesn't mean that anyone will click on them just because they're there. Much like any other form of marketing, people need to have a reason to click on a link.

The Fix: Ask yourself these questions:

  • What am I trying to get people to do (by stuff, recommend a company)?
  • What do I have to offer or entice people to click?
  • Does my link standout in a crowd?
  • How can I design my ad to encourage clicks?

2. Assuming that you don't have to analyze your data

This problem isn't just limited to the realm of affiliate marketing. How in the world will you know if you're hitting a grand slam or a foul with your strategy? You just can't. Sure, the sales numbers will tell a story, but only part.

The Fix: To truly understand how well your campaign is doing is to track your data. Take the time to look at the data collected regularly, and see where you're doing well and where you could use a little improvement.

3. Assuming that one marketing channel will do the trick

Multi-channel marketing is the way to go for any online endeavor. It's just plain silly to think that doing just one thing will drive customers and sales. What if a business just relied on email marketing to get the message out? Or just Twitter?

This problem is the same for affiliate marketing: why in the world would you post links on one website and expect success?

The Fix: Spread the love around. Post links and ads on multiple pages, including different types of pages. Promote your affiliates through email, fax and SMS marketing. Submit articles to a variety of outlets.

4. Assuming that you'll just make money…like that

Much like those "get rich quick schemes" or in some circles known as ponzi schemes, the poor assumption that affiliate marketing will just make you money without having to lift a finger is preposterous.

(Quick Tip: If you ever come across an affiliate marketing business that claims to make you "big bucks" instantly, run away, and fast!)

The Fix: Always do your homework and find out whom you're getting into bed with. Put them through the rigors and see how they match up with what your goals are.

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