4 Quick Tips to Improve Your Content

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4 Quick Tips to Improve Your Content

1) Understand Your Target Audience

Depending on the communications vehicle, ensure that you're targeting your audience correctly. Furthermore, consider what platform you're using. Different demographics (customers) cover several different types of platforms. Say, an SMS subscriber is more likely to also be another multimedia subscriber as well. So, to understand your target audience takes a bit more than knowing your platform, but who they actually are and their habits

 2) Keep it Short

Short doesn't necessary mean content length. Again, everything is related to your communications vehicle. Short literally may mean short if you're working with Twitter or Facebook. What it does mean is that great, even awesome, content is remaining concise. Keep sentences short. Keep points even shorter. Avoid pedantic (persnickety) language. Use verbal flourishes when appropriate (only if it drives the point home).

3) Make Your "Push"

Clear From the last quick tip, you'll be all over this one. Many people dance around their "push" in their communications. Typically, businesses are a bit queasy getting right to the point, but that is exactly what you need to do. Further, it doesn't matter if your content is sales or news related. Get right to it. Make it clear. Make it simple. Hedging around the issue makes people wary.

4) Never Forget to Test the Power of Your Content

One of our "golden rules" of marketing is to test…test…test! This means every single aspect of any marketing campaign needs to be tested to see whether what you're doing is actually working. Metrics apply to content as equally as open and conversion rates. Also, beyond metrics is the interaction between you and your customers. If a type of content isn't working, then shake things up. Test different strategies. Test different voices. Figure out what works for you and your customers.

There you have it. Four quick tips to improve your content for that next online marketing campaign.



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