SimplyCast Blog: 4 Easy Tips to Improve Your Twitterverse Presence

4 Easy Tips to Improve Your Twitterverse Presence


So your company established a Twitter account and its been going along swimmingly. You're Tweeting some amazing company information, gained some leads and gathered a respectable number of followers.

However, it feels as though you've hit a Twitter slump. You watch other companies skyrocket to Justin Bieber proportions and you want in.

What aren't you doing that others are?

1. Do Your Research

Keep a trained eye on what the Twitterverse is chatting about in your industry? What are the top trending topics? What aren't people talking about? Follow other businesses and what they are Tweeting about and what sort of back-and-forth results come from it. Watch and listen, and then you'll be able to jump into the conversation quickly.

2. Be Relevant

No one wants to follow someone who says boring, repetitive crap. If you're just Tweeting about your new products or pushing promotions, your followers will assume that you're a one-trick-pony and disappear. The most successful Twitter users Tweet about a variety of topics that they not only have interest in but also have a strong voice about the topic.

3. Be Consistent

The worst thing that you can do to damage your Twitter page is post irregularly. Often what happens is that companies Tweet while it's still fresh and cool and forget about it, only then to post in frenzy. With a regular Tweeting schedule, whether its daily or weekly, you'll gain trust from your followers. They'll anticipate when you're Tweeting and become excited about what you're going to say next.

4. Make Tweeting a Company-Wide Priority

This little tidbit piggybacks on consistency. If maintaining your Twitter account is more like flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants and posting irregularly, then you might as well stop. Whether you have one dedicated person Tweeting or a whole team, by making it a company-wide priority, you'll not only get staffer buy-in but also support from your followers.

Got a tip for your fellow Tweeters that is not listed here? Sound off by letting us know on our Twitter page. Look forward to the interaction.

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