4 Ways to Ensure Your Fax Doesn’t End Up Recycled

4 Ways to Ensure Your Fax Doesn’t End Up Recycled

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Fax marketing is the ace up your marketing sleeve. Any great marketing strategy is comprehensive and includes multiple marketing channels. But that does not mean there are not best practices to follow for optimal deliverability and engagement.

Here are 4 ways to ensure your fax does not end up recycled.

1. Design Small

Sure, you have an 8.5 x 11" piece of paper, but do you really need that much space to push your offer? Think about your email or SMS marketing campaigns. You're already limited by the medium, and yet, you still get the message across.

Honestly, there's no difference between faxing and emailing or texting.

Further, the very best design schemes use more white or "negative" space than designed or used space. Essentially, more white space you have, the better.

The reason why you need more blank or empty space is that it gives people a chance to rest. Eyes naturally fall to the most intriguing space and if they have to bounce all over the place, they'll wear out and they'll be worn out of you.

Try to design a fax piece around the idea that you have 2 inches gone from each margin.

2. Stick To Black and White

Honestly, the majority of your fax subscribers receive your emails through their email inboxes.


There are still those who receive your fax through traditional methods – the fax machine.

You must design for them. You never know who receives it in their inbox or through the fax machine parked on their desk. You never know who chooses to have their faxes printed, even though they have the capability of viewing on their computer screen.

You never know.

Since most fax machines default to black and white, then you must design your faxes around that design scheme.

3. Opt In Only

If you're not requiring customers to sign up willingly and under their own free will, then you're in trouble. Serious trouble.

There's nothing more to say about that.

4. Don't Be Tacky…Ever

Because of the medium – fax marketing – there's a tendency to be, well, a bit uncouth.

You don't need to be overly pushy (think, "FREE VACATIONS!!!!!") or sneaky (Call US for a CHANCE TO WIN!!!) in your promotions.

Don't lower yourself to the norm of fax marketing, Keep a consistent thread throughout your marketing strategies. If your emails or texts are top-notch, then duplicate your design and promotional tactics.

By adding these 4 simple tactics to your fax marketing game, you will not only ensure higher deliverability but higher engagement as well.

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