5 Benefits of Marketing Automation for Fitness Facilities

5 Benefits of Marketing Automation for Fitness Facilities

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Marketing Automation for Fitness Facilities

Running a gym is a lot of work. Between teaching classes, personal training and making schedules, there's not much time left to take care of marketing and communicating with your clients. This is where marketing automation comes in. Automation is a great tool for fitness facilities to keep up with marketing and communication without spending too much time on it.

Below are a few of the benefits of using marketing automation for fitness facilities.

1. Save time and money

With marketing automation, you can spend just a few minutes scheduling emails, social media posts and messages that would take much longer without automation. These communications can be spread out over a period of time. Marketing campaigns can be set up to run automatically, freeing up staff to focus on other more pressing tasks.

Marketing automation makes the most of the resources you have and saves you time and money in the process.

2. Stay consistent on social media

A strong social media presence is crucial to keep clients engaged. Use automation to make sure your social media accounts are consistent and well thought-out, not sporadic. Use social media apps to schedule several months' worth of posts in a short amount of time. This leaves you with consistent social media accounts that don't need to be constantly monitored and maintained.

 3. Personalize your communications

Keep your clients engaged by personalizing your communications with them. By using a customer relationship manager (CRM), information is stored about their fitness priorities and all interactions you've had with them. This information can be used to tailor your newsletters and any other contact with your clients to be more personal.

By using each client's fitness priorities in your communications with them, you show that you care about their goals and want to help them achieve them.

4. Easily nurture new leads

Before a lead even reaching out to you, you can create an anonymous profile on them to track what they're engaging with on your website. Then when they do sign up with you you'll be able to personalize your communications right away.

This includes immediately welcoming leads when they sign up. You can create a campaign to automatically reach out to new clients immediately after signup and welcome them to your facility.

5. Send out reminders automatically

Remind your clients of important events and upcoming workouts by automatically sending out SMS reminders. By reminding clients of their workouts, you limit the amount of no-shows and make sure that trainers aren't wasting time. Clients will also appreciate the reminders because these messages will keep them on track to accomplish their fitness goals.

Sign up for a free marketing automation trial

If you're ready to see how marketing automation can help your fitness facility, sign up for a free 14-day trial of our all-in-one marketing automation solution.

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