Creative Dentist Marketing Ideas Sure to Be Winners

Creative Dentist Marketing Ideas Sure to Be Winners

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Creative Dentist Marketing Ideas

Dental marketing can be slow, due in part to the stigma that the dentist is a scary place - that's why you need creative dentist marketing ideas to get your name out there. Often, people don't realize that the dentist needs them as much as they need the dentist. Another reason is that, in most dentist's offices, people have the expectation that they go in, get looked at and leave. No further interaction is required for six months unless a procedure is needed.

So how can dentist marketing ideas make things more engaging and bring in more patients?

1. Host Events in Your Office

Hosting community events or an open house can show people that you're not all business and that you're able to provide a fun experience. Events could be anything from a general open house to an educational seminar, to having a photographer come in for patients who had cosmetic procedures done that month, to take professional photos for them to show off their new smile. A patient who has a good time or receives expert information is sure to spread the word.

2. Start a Referral Bonus Program

A referral program is a way to motivate your staff and attract new patients, as well as giving existing patients an incentive to invite friends and family to your practice. Sharing the incentive with employees as well will give them the motivation to help you grow the business while offering existing clients discounts for bringing in more clients.

3. Come Up with a Stellar Offer, and Promote it to Existing Patients

Say, for example, new patients are eligible for a $50 Visa gift card. Even if the new patient has no interest, perhaps they'll sign on if only to give the card to someone they know. Just be sure that your offer is compelling, and send via email, which can be easily forwarded or posted on social media. By adding this dental marketing idea to your list, you can help grow your business and even offer a prize to loyal customers too.

4. Send Out Thank You and Follow-Up Emails

These emails may seem quite trivial, but to your patients, that is far from the truth. These emails will make you seem more engaged and will open a dialogue between doctor and patient outside of the procedure. It makes patients feel safer to know that you'll check on them. It can also be key to promoting your dental marketing ideas so even recently seen clients that may have heard about your promotion stay informed.

5. Hold Social Media Contests

Think of a popular product or service. Hold a monthly contest on your social media page for a gift certificate. Theme them for the season, too. Maybe your prize is a horror movie on DVD in October or dinner for two in February. Little things like that go a long way.

These are just a few tips that will give your dentist marketing ideas new life. Remember, while some methods are tried and true, if everyone is using them, nothing is new and eye-catching. So try something new! Let marketing automation take care of the communication aspect for you, so that you can stand at the forefront of innovation.

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