5 Ideas that Help Vet Advertising Succeed

5 Ideas that Help Vet Advertising Succeed

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Vet Advertising

Advertising can be tricky for a veterinarian office. It is essential to build up a trusted reputation, gain repeat business, and reach out to new customers. The veterinarian business is busy and marketing automation tools help you save time while still marketing your practice effectively. Automated marketing is very useful for advertising as well as communication. Here are five ways that marketing automation can help with your vet advertising and marketing strategies.

1. Engage your clients with social media

Social media is one of the biggest groups of potential customers in the world, and it is a great opportunity to share your vet advertising message with a wide audience. By engaging those customers and making them feel at home both in your practice and in your online community, you make them feel safer leaving their animals with you. This can be done by sharing the stories of rescues, having contests such as "cutest pet" among your clients for products relevant to them, as well as offering trivia and care and keeping tips for various animals. Asking customers to post reviews on social media also helps build your trusted reputation and attract new clients. Don't forget to offer some small enticement for following your social media page.

2. Maintain a blog

A blog will help you in a number of ways. Writing about common veterinary practices and procedures, as well as rescue animals and different products that you carry, allows you to educate your customers. Customers can then make informed decisions and feel comfortable with their knowledge. It will also serve as a space where people can look up animal care tips in more depth. Engaging your customers, educating them, and doing so in a conversational manner helps to build brand loyalty. At the same time it also allows you to use key terms and phrases that help you use search engine optimization (SEO). SEO makes your site appear more frequently on specific search engines.

3. Maximize the use cases for email marketing

Use email for everything from appointment reminders to pickup notifications and emails for deals on specific products. You can also send monthly email newsletters, email call-outs for volunteers during special events, and even emails for adoption animals. Email marketing is important in your communication process, and it will benefit you to come up with new and innovative ways to use it. Engage your customers, streamline reminders and pet pickups, and do it all with personal touches and automation. This allows you to free up more time and not be tied to a computer working on marketing. It also means that unique reminders and deals are sent out to customers, who in turn feel awesome about using your vet practice because you make the extra effort.

4. Keep your finger on the pulse of your customers' needs with surveys and data tracking to optimize your vet advertising

You have the ability to see what emails receive your customers' attention, what links they're clicking, and even put out surveys to track what they need that you aren't yet covering. Keeping your vet advertising materials relevant will go a long way to making people feel safe and secure with you. This also gives you a large amount of word-of-mouth traffic for adjusting things to be better for your clients. SimplyCast offers tracking on all products, and has a form builder dedicated to building surveys and follow up forms for exactly that reason. With the ability to gather data and save it, you can filter your clients into a number of different lists, allowing you to only send them the messages they want to see. This will cut down on pointless emails to customers, and therefore increase open rates. It also serves the purpose of preventing them from getting into the habit of instantly deleting your messages.

5. In all your communications, be yourself

Customers want someone friendly and understandable who will maintain a professional demeanor. If you aren't yourself in your messages, people will know, and it will make them distrust you. Build a rapport with them during their first visit or call, and build on that every time you talk to them after that fact. Use merge tags in your messages to pull customer names and other information into the email. This makes them feel like you have taken the time to write a personalized message just for them.

Want to learn more about vet advertising?

These tips are just some of what you can do with SimplyCast 360 and marketing automation to improve and expand your business regardless of industry. Vets are especially benefited by this as their communications and marketing business can be automated and conducted from a user-friendly application. Automating their advertising gives them more time to do what they do best. When you're caring for someone's animals, you're caring for a member of their family. We're with you every step of the way with a dedicated support team available any time, and a case manager assigned directly to you, as well as our blog, videos, and a digital technical manual that will soon be available as an e-book.

Check out what else marketing automation can do for you in your vet advertising!

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