5 Online Marketing Ideas for Mortgage Brokers

5 Online Marketing Ideas for Mortgage Brokers

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Online Marketing Ideas

Online marketing ideas for mortgage brokers and mortgage newsletter marketing are quite hard to find. In fact, the mortgage business seems to rely exceedingly heavily on traditional media. There's nothing wrong with traditional media, and we'll be the first to say it. The public however responds much quicker, and much more positively in media that they are using. With the rise of mobile and online purchasing, the overall marketing world has taken notice, and that means that the mortgage broker business is in need on marketing ideas that will serve them into the future as traditional media fades to a secondary position. The best way to do both is to enact online marketing ideas that can be automated in order to preserve your current time balance, and bring in more revenue. You might even be able to save time on top of that. In fact, you can even offer assistance to other industries that benefit you using automation. Here are some ideas that will help you to grow your business and maintain visibility in a changing world and market. Some of these are directly automated, others are supports for your automated processes.

1. Fine-tune Your Website

Your website will become the center for all of your marketing, and ideally it should already be. A great deal of the traffic that passes through your page should convert in an ideal situation. You want to be sure that you have a well designed, easy to use site that ranks high on search engine optimization.This website will be the place they go to learn who you are and the services you offer, and allow them to sign up for mailing lists, as well as submit questions and feature contact via email, phone number, and live chat. Your site is the brain of your online marketing with landing pages, social media postings, emails and more pointing back to it. If you have a well constructed web page, you'll be able to monitor all of these things through contact management and visitor tracking that tells you exactly what each customer is interested in or concerned about, and allows you to react to that in realtime, answering concerns and questions via your support features. A homey web page that makes people feel comfortable combined with good support skills will make people feel safe and comfortable with you, even in an economy that hasn't been kind to the mortgage business.

2. Run And Tweak Your Mortgage Newsletter Marketing

You probably do mortgage newsletter marketing now, through direct mail or an email push. But is it doing everything it could? Do you spend a bunch of time setting the send up every month? If it isn't, or you are, automation can help. Here are a couple tips on mortgage newsletter marketing, then we can talk about how to automate it effectively. One thing to start doing if you don't already is contacting real estate agencies in your area, and offering to publish a guest article that you both can then share around, generating clients for one another. By celebrating successes of your clients, you engage them and make them feel good about their accomplishments as well. In return, they are likely to come to you again if they need to. By using mortgage newsletter marketing, you are able to connect with both customers and potential referral sources and you are able to increase your prospects that much faster. Automation means that you only have to edit the body of the message, keeping a uniform template, and you only have to edit it once every 3 weeks, allowing the send to go out to your list automatically. Don't worry about changes to that list either, because those take effect right away. Deleting someone before the send means they will not receive it.

3. Operate a Referral Program

A referral program isn't hard to manage with a good automation system, since it can be designed to reach out over multiple channels to deliver rewards, updates and more. By setting the messages up to be quick and concise, you can make social media announcements to large contributors, and offer small prizes for each referral like movie tickets, or something similar. Then hold contests once in a while via social media for a larger prize, allowing people with large contact pools to generate lots of leads for you at once. This strategy allows you to connect and engage with your customers, while gathering leads and generating word of mouth traffic all at once. Your referral program can also be a good way to gather rapport-building information that you can use later. For example, you've learned that your client has an older relative moving into a smaller home where they can receive in-home care by asking them if they know anyone who could use a mortgage. Maybe that isn't a lead, just a passing conversation piece. But now, when you follow up with that client, you can ask how their relative is, showing concern for their family and that you care about them as clients.

4. Offer Informational Webinars

Set up a mailing list and then begin to offer webinars to real estate and other related industries that teaches them how you can work together, and what partnership options you might have, as well as offering the position as a guest writer for your mortgage newsletter marketing or your site blog. This is something to do once in a while, and have a workflow set to email or fax the businesses in question when you have scheduled one, allowing them to join or refer you to others. Change the content and the subject so that you can generate interest for more than one, and at the end of every webinar suggest that you both feature an article from one another. Alternatively, you can offer to feature one article from each of the participants per month, and when you've published the newsletter as part of your mortgage newsletter marketing strategy, consider asking them if they would be able to send a few referrals your way. This allows you to educate other industries on what you do, how to refer to you, and other useful tips, while generating leads that could send whole groups of people in your direction later. You'll stand out for taking the time to give them the knowledge they need to answer mortgage related questions for their customers.

5. Social Media Is Important

Social media is of great importance to any business. Recently there were announcements that Facebook is the source of more ad traffic than even Google. Those two will fluctuate, so SEO is important too, but this serves to illustrate how much you want to pay attention to social media. You want a page of your own where you can offer mortgage tips, host contests and more. You also want to be posting videos that give the same information in a visual, engaging way. Some people learn better that way. Another trick specifically for the mortgage broker business is to put up a page for real estate tips and tricks. Get some at home courses under your belt, and once you have an understanding, start posting on the real estate page, offering tips and tricks for free. Those companies will remember the favor done for them, and you can refer them to your partnership or referral pages on your web page, connecting your companies and increasing the probability that they will share you and ask that you do the same in return.

As you can see, much of the mortgage broker marketing you will be doing will involve partnering with other businesses and other industries to mutually promote your services. Since mortgages and home buying are intricately linked, real estate is the industry you will spend the most time "courting" so to speak for referrals outside your own customer base. There are other important marketing techniques, such as cutting your list of specialties down to one, therefore appearing to be the expert and asking customers for reviews on third-party review sites. Your marketing cannot stagnate or coast. You have to be constantly updating, learning and adjusting for a changing marketplace and a changing real estate and mortgage environment. The marketing techniques in this article are but a few of the ideas that you can generate that would improve your marketing and customer experience that range from huge promotion campaigns to greeting emails for new clients.

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For more information on marketing automation and the distinct features and prices that our platform has to offer, you can head on over to our marketing automation page. You can also search our blog specifically for posts relating to your industry by searching for the specific category you're looking for. If you have any ideas that you would like to see implemented in our application once you've given it a try, you can send those suggestions to our support team and we'll consider them in a list of industry-specific tools that others may have mentioned. Also if you have any questions that you cannot find content on, you can let us know and you could see the answer go up as an additional blog post.

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