5 Exciting Radio Promotion Ideas to Engage Listeners

5 Exciting Radio Promotion Ideas to Engage Listeners

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Radio Promotion Ideas

Wondering how to make your radio promotions stand out from the rest? Get involved with other communication methods besides just radio. Engage new listeners on social media, and provide exclusive promotions through text messaging and email. Interesting your readers even when they're not actually listening to your radio program is one of the most effective ways to build loyalty. Here are some exciting radio promotions ideas for cross-promotion. Automate these posts, emails and text messages with an all-in-one radio marketing solution.

1) Maintain active social media pages. Your daily posts are easily taken care of with automated social media management. When you run a "guess this song" contest, instead of having listeners call in to identify the song, tell them that the first person to share the name of the song on your Facebook page will win. This still gets listeners involved and also encourages them to visit you on social media.

2) Have radio listeners sign up for weekly text messages. Each week, send out an automated text message with a music trivia question. By responding to the text message with the correct answer, the listener is entered to win.

3) Tell listeners to share a music video of their favorite song of a specific type or genre on your Facebook page. For example, leading up to Christmas ask people to post their favorite Christmas carol covered by a famous artist. Whoever is selected wins a "Christmas present" of tickets to an upcoming concert or another prize.

4) Twitter is a popular medium for contests. Set up a tweet to win contest involving your radio station. Listeners must tweet their favorite live performance of all time for a chance to win.

5) Keep listeners involved throughout the year by having them sign up for automated email updates. These emails provide contest details for exclusive email-only radio promotions. They are also a chance for you to let subscribers know about your radio news and promotional events.

Implementing exciting radio promotions ideas are simple with automated messages and posts. Sign up for a 14 day free trial of our automated radio marketing solution. Our all-in-one solution includes over 15 channels of communication, but you can use all of them, just a few or only one. Let our team give you a demo to see what else you can do with automation.

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