5 Reasons to Relax with a Restaurant Check-in System

5 Reasons to Relax with a Restaurant Check-in System

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5 Reasons to Relax with a Restaurant Check-in System

To fight the COVID-19 spread, many jurisdictions’ authorities have imposed strict rules, such as limiting the number of people in a gathering and controlling business’s hours of operation. One of the most common rules is keeping a record of visitors to businesses in the event they need to be contacted due to an exposure.

Especially, for restaurant businesses, the contact tracing or check-in recording system is an essential step for them to successfully relaunch their operations. By keeping a record of their daily visitors, restaurants can make sure that if there is an COVID-19 exposure, they can identify the visitors who were present at that time and alert them.

But how do restaurants get this job done?

Usually, they have a giant record book (similar to a ledger) at the front door. Everyone who wants to come in and sit down must go through the process of taking a pen (which may or may not be sanitized after each visitor) and writing down their name and contact details in the record book (which is touched by everyone). Usually, a staff member always monitors this process to ensure that every visitor is checking in before they can go in and order food.

This process, despite getting the job done, is kind of risky, plus it takes too much time! The same materials (pen and paper surface) are being touched by many people, which contradicts the goal of doing this in the first place! On top of that, nobody wants to spend time writing down stuff when they are hungry. Or worse, nobody wants to stand in a line waiting for food, which is too bad for the restaurant.

To mitigate these issues, SimplyCast developed a digital restaurant check-in solution for restaurants. Using this digital solution, customers simply need to send an SMS message to a shortcode or fill out a simple form after scanning a QR code. Their contact details will be automatically stored in a safe and secure central database.

No manual work needs to be done! Hundreds of customers can easily check in at once, and the restaurant owner/manager does not have to manually copy and paste all the written customer information into a spreadsheet or separate database. Most importantly, it is completely safe in terms of both respecting COVID-19 social distancing protocols and information security.

Now, along with having the plenty of benefits provided by SimplyCast’s restaurant check-in solution, there are many of technical reasons for any restaurant to adopt this solution. Here, we have compiled top five reasons why you can be more relaxed after implementing SimplyCast’s restaurant check-in solution.

Scalable Solution

One of the major problems with solutions like this is having the capacity to handle a large amount of data. For small businesses, the number of daily customers might not be that high. But when it comes to a large business (e.g. a clothing store or entire shopping mall), even the number of visitors within an hour can be significant. Therefore, it is essential to have a scalable solution in place.

SimplyCast’s has a gigantic capacity of sending/receiving 100,000+ messages per hour and nearly unlimited contact storage capacity. The platform also runs with a minimum of 99.5% uptime. So, you will have no issues checking in thousands of customers at the same time.

Enterprise-grade Security

In this digital era, even a contact detail as simple as the cellphone number can be misused in many ways. Therefore, it is imperative to use a secured digital solution because having a vulnerable solution will not only put your business in trouble but also jeopardize your customers’ online security. SimplyCast boasts an enterprise-grade security with industry-leading ISO 27001:2013 certification. We also have military-grade message encryption and our datacenters are located in the USA and Canada, which means your data is completely safe with us.

User Friendly Interface

SimplyCast is one of the most user-friendly digital engagement platforms. You will not need any coding skills or technical knowledge to take optimum leverage of our digital restaurant contact tracing solution. We have handled all the technical aspects so you can relax and focus on serving your customers.

Customizable Solution

We have built this check-in solution entirely in-house; therefore, we can customize it so it fits all your business requirements.

Dedicated Account Manager

The best part of using SimplyCast’s restaurant contact tracing solution: you will always have a helping hand close by in case you need help with your solution. On top of an interactive onboarding and personalized training process, plus a variety of resources, our experts are always ready to assist you when you need it.

Interested? Don’t Wait!

Using SimplyCast’s restaurant check-in solution not only helps you by saving time and resources but also helps your customers follow COVID-19 protocols. Right now, every business is trying their best to fight the pandemic because nobody wants to face another lockdown at this point. Many businesses will not survive if they have to close up shop and for that reason only, this means they should take every measure possible to fight the COVID-19 spread.

From that point of view, using an automated, digital check-in process is absolutely worthwhile. And SimplyCast offers a complete, plug-and-play solution to get you started today.

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