Evite Alternatives? Use SimplyCast For Event Management

Evite Alternatives? Use SimplyCast For Event Management

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Evite Alternatives

SimplyCast provides a complete event management solution if you're looking for Evite alternatives, or alternatives for any other invitation or event solution.

1. We have all the invitation and RSVP stuff, plus lots more! If you're looking for Evite alternatives that allow you to easily create and send event invitations, you're in luck. We have invitation templates like Evite, automatic event reminders for guests (text messages or email messages), and simple invitation distribution. We also keep track of all RSVPs received so you will know exactly how many guests are coming.

2. Evite alternatives should have an easy-to-use interface, and SimplyCast provides that! You can create an invitation or an event in a few minutes, even if you've never used our software before. It's a step by step process and we provide lots of useful alternative resources such as blog posts and articles in case you want some assistance creating your event campaigns.

3. We provide powerful contact management software so you can store all your important contact information with ease. Each guest will have their own personal data profile so your messages to them can be automatically personalized. It also makes it easy to follow up with each guest after the event. You will know whether they attended or not, how they paid, whether they opened their messages, and how to reach them in the future. Evite is great for getting the word out before the event, and SimplyCast is a comprehensive alternative for before and after the event.

4. We offer a complete online event management solution and lots of other great alternative tools too! When invitations simply aren't enough, use our event management solution to:

  •  create a professional, search engine optimized landing page
  •  send messages to guests by email or text message
  •  create printable or alternative online tickets
  •  select multiple payment types for guests
  •  send automated reminders to guests so they don't forget the time and date

5. You can manage multiple events at the same time. You can easily manage all your current events from a single interface, and you can update the event information at any time with the click of a button. When you have different events on the go at the same time, organization is essential. Our alternative event management solution makes it as simple as possible.

Need more advice on how to use SimplyCast for your Evite alternatives?

Sign up for a free SimplyCast account and try our event management solution. Or, contact the SimplyCast sales team for more info.

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